July 15, 2014

Uta no Prince Sama LINE Stickers

OMG I just realized that there’s utapri stickers on line!! I bought it immediately LOL. I’m glad I did that thing on line that gives prize of 100 coins last month. So I got this one for free thanks to the free coins! 
So I was bored and seeing LINE timeline. Then I checked whether I’ve received that free 100 coins or not, and I have! So I went to the sticker store to look buy new stickers. Since I’m really in love with utapri right now so I looked for it. And there’s utapri stickers! I’m just so happy and glad that I didn’t go to the creator’s market right away just because they’re cheaper LOL
I’m so happy! I’m speechless because I’m so happy! I can’t express how happy I am LOL. I can’t wait to chat with my friends later today using these stickers!
Newly bought stickers are automatically put on top by LINE, but I usually re-order it based on the time I bought them so I wouldn’t forget the old one. But I won’t re-order it this since it’s utapri and stars should be on top LOL.

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