July 15, 2014

Uta no Prince Sama Gachapon

When I was meeting my childhood friend the other day, we went to an action figurines shop. There were gachapon machines which we’ve played forever since (and forever expensive for those tiny little whatever inside the capsules).
There were sailor moon, toy story, doraemon, my melody, and a lot others that I don’t remember. Since I’m currently super in love with utapri, so I was looking for utapri machine. But there’s no utapri gachapon machine in that store.
Then we went to a toy stores and there’re another gachapon machines. And there’s utapri gachapon machine!!! The machine had both starish and quartet night members which means it have 11 characters in total.
I was always very careful and selective at playing gachapon because they capsules that you’d get are totally random. I used to play it if and only if (wtf with programming term in this post) I like everything that the machine would give me. I like ichinose tokiya the most in utapri so I obviously wanna get him from the machine! I don’t hate or dislike the others, but I really want the tokiya one!
I totally went crazy while playing it because I keep getting the others instead of tokiya! The machine needed 2 coins for each play which is 200 yen bust it’s around 261 yen in my country or around USD 2.5. I used all of my cash at that time, and use my debit card as well to buy the coins.
I played it until the machine break, literally break. I think there’s one or two capsules that stuck there so it won’t come out anymore. I played 13 times in total and I STILL DIDN’T GET TOKIYA OMFG. I definitely could see the tokiya capsule from outside the machine and it’s nearly that fucking hole that will drop the capsule out omg wtf.
I was so fucking upset because I already got 3 camus and I still haven’t got tokiya not even once OMFG. I got 3 camus, 2 otoya, 2 reiji, 1 ren, 1 natsuki, 1 cecil, 1 sho, 1 mikaze ai, and 1 ranmaru. I gave 1 camus, 1 otoya, and 1 reiji to my friend. 
I have 5 members of starish, except tokiya and masato. OMG SERIOUSLY WHY DIDN”T I GET TOKIYA???? The others are funny as well….. but I want tokiya…………..
I even got everyone of quartet night while I desperately wanna get tokiya. Seiously I don’t need these many -_- one is enough for me if it’s tokiya……. I don’t even know what to do with them now -_- I’m currently using sho as my phone strap though because he wears pink. But I think I’m gonna change it to ren soon.


  1. wow that nice ... where u buy all that? can u tell me ... lovely uta no prince.