July 26, 2014

Thinking About Internship

I’ve been using xkit for months and a few days ago there might be an update from tumblr which makes that blue thingy around posts and such appear. Since it wasn’t really nice-looking combined with the theme I’m using, so I was kinda lazy to open tumblr. 
I saw an internship ad yesterday and this time I’m gonna apply for it. Actually I don’t meet their very first qualification which is studying in marketing, business, communication, or fashion design, as I’m an IT student. Meanwhile the position available is marketing. But it’s the field where I’m mostly in (at least related to it) on student org, so I decide to just apply anyway. I actually gave it to my hs friend to apply because she’s studying communication. She said I should apply to the company as well because I’ve had the experiences in that field. I don’t expect much though………. although it’d be a dream come true if I ever got accepted!
I have to intern somewhere in IT field next year, thanks to my uni. I actually could easily (probably) intern somewhere thanks to my parents connection (although my grades are so-so). However I don’t wanna depend on them and I wanna get the internship on my own.
There’s a lot helpful websites for internship in usa. I wish there’s also a website like those available here too. Most of internship ads (which is not a lot) are available at jobsdb or such which is also the place for real jobs for those whom have graduated ads. Perhaps I should make one in the future? Since I’m studying about IT after all…..

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