July 22, 2014

the last weekend of me being 19

I was pretty busy last weekend. I was already tired with 4 days of calculus class a week, but I don’t wanna be at home either. So I decided to go to campus for student org things. 
There’s this expo last Saturday. It’s for freshmen to join clubs and such, and my student org’s also selling event tickets and such. My legs were so sore because I kept going upstairs and downstairs to put signs directing to our booth. I saw someone whom I don’t expect to see. I was happy because of it LOL. I was so hungry because I haven’t eaten anything since morning. Luckily the japanese club was giving free kakigori so I go to their booth with my three other colleagues to get it LOL
I went home at 5pm and sleep until 12am LOL. I didn’t sleep the night before so I was really sleepy and exhausted. I woke up then I see my phone and M’s sent me a message. She’s bored or stressed or something and wanna have some drinks so we did.
I went to La Biere to meet her. There’s this nerdy looking girl who kept seeing us from her seat. She’s like a girl dragged by her two friends there and I don’t even see her talking to her friends -_- M told me her life lately, and she also order pizza. So I ended up eating pizza at 2am -_-
I went home at 3am and sleep for a few hours. I went to campus at 9am for another thing. I was MCing something but I faileeeeed and I’m really saaaaddddd. I was sooooooooooo stupid I feel like a failure for everything I’m doing -_- I wish I did better whyyyyyyy the hell am I soooooo not interactive -_- I was quiet for most of the time because my partner just can’t stop talking and I don’t know when to talk -_- Oh God I’m so fucked up -_- The thing is……. I usually do fine promoting something alone…. since it’s just like promoting something so I just accepted the challenge. Yet I fucking failed -_-
I was so saaaaad. I went home and buy some food for lunch and dinner at the convenience store. I bought this for lunch…. it’s okay… not bad… didn’t make me happy though…..
Then I slept for a few hours. I woke up and eat nasi bakar that I bought earlier for dinner……
I still can’t forgive myself for being another failure -_- I wish I’d get another chance to improve my hosting skill with a partner……………

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