July 5, 2014

So TransJakarta has been around for 10 years

I like riding TransJakarta bus although I don’t ride it that often. I had a few pics taken during traffic jam on my way to the car service station ad I thought it’d be great to blog it.
The traffic was pretty full with vehicles. Sometimes I think my city is kinda like LA because they both have a loooot of cars on the street LOL. Although my city obviously has waaaaay poorer system. Traffic jam is still everywhere even when the bus rapid transit aka TransJakarta system has been around for 10 years.
This is the side view of TransJakarta bus. I rode the bus when my car’s at the service station to go home. I also rode the bus to go back to the service station on the next day. I like riding Transjakarta bus because they’re street musicians free. There’s a lot of street musicians here and not all of them are good. Mostly are just singing while playing guitar. Transjakarta also has better bus stop rather than the other bus like metro mini or kopaja, which actually could just stop at any place on their route which often makes the traffic jammed behind them( ̄~ ̄)They also have their own way on the street so when the other cars got jammed on the street, transjakarta buses don’t. However there’s a lot of stupid cars and motorcycles that get into the bus way -_- 
Although there’s already the sign for it…
Dear all people who rode those cars and motorcycles, do you know that you might make some people late because the bus they’re riding can’t get through the way at the speed it should be? even the bus couldn’t get through at all because they also have to wait for some cars who just suddenly wanted to take an exit from the bus way yet they can’t because the other ways are already full/jammed with other cars
The separators are already poor as well. I really think they should repair it ( ̄◇ ̄;)
Even some of the separators have gone ( ̄ェ ̄;) it’s been 10 years after all… don’t they do maintenance or something? I think I saw them did it a few times on the street. I don’t know what they were doing though.
Some of the buses are also olddddddd and not really……have a pleasant view anymore compared to the new buses. Although no one would really notice it especially during rush hour. I rode the new buses a few times and they’re so nice, and even have that announcement what’s the next stop and such on PA system automatically like the one on trains.
The old buses are really really really noisy! I always feel like I was in a war zone or something because of the noise (⌓⍢⌓〣) I often spotted tourists riding the bus, and honestly I as an Indonesian feel so ashamed because of the bus….. They city gov said they’re buying new buses but there’s also problems on the new bus or something and the news said there might be another corruption or something I don’t really remember the news about it anymore.
I hope that these old buses would be replaced by the new ones or at least please make them look like new so tourists wouldn’t have to see and hear such things I stated above (╯•﹏•╰)

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