July 12, 2014

One Piece Hair Studio

some time ago because it’s really dry because of the bleaching and everything (T▽T) I cut my hair at One Piece, Central Park. It’s my second time to go to One Piece~!

I went to One Piece to fix my horrible green hair last month, and get it bleached. I was satisfied with the result, and I also looooveee my mom’s hair after she cut it here. I never envied her hair before, not even once, until she finally cut it at OP ( ̄ω ̄;) Her hair was cut by Prio, a stylist there. So I decided that I wanna get my hair cut by him too!

After talking about what I wanna do with my hair, my hair was washed. Then it’s cut a little while it’s still wet. Then it’s dried and cut again which is the more detailed one. The stylist said it’s a gradient style, because the lower part of my hair was thinner than the upper part because it’s damaged from the bleaching, so it’d make my hair more balance or something….. I don’t remember LOL. I used to have layered style but it might make me look even chubbier which I don’t want.
My hair before…. I was just crying right before I took the pics there’re big bags under my eyes LOL

After the cut……..

It looks nice nee~ I think this hairstyle looks sweet XD  I’m glad I didn’t cut it even shorter. And now the thickness looks even(?). I’m also glad that my bangs were cut as well because there’s this annoying piece of hair that keeps separating itself with the other -_-

Another think that I like in the salon is………….. their japanese hair style magazines LOL. I love looking at japanese hairstyles although most of them look the same to me LOL

I also love these puzzle pieces on their interior LOL

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