July 31, 2014


I haven’t blogged much lately. I was gonna write something but I end up watching titanic on fox movies. It’s already 5am now. I have to get up earlier than usual because I’m going to go somewhere.
I’ve been going a lot lately. I stayed at my father’s place for a few days last week. Then I went back there last monday and tuesday. He just fell off a motorcycle recently so we can’t visit other relatives during eid al-fitr. I was so close telling him about deism thing yet I didn’t. Although my goal was to tell him before I turned 20 -_- 
I didn’t talk much with my dad until recently. He was always busy in front of the pc when I was still a kid. It turned out he’s more fun than my mom. Especially since she’s with her new bf. I definitely feel she’s changing and I don’t like her now. 

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