July 15, 2014

I meet my childhood friend

I met my childhood friend last Sunday! We went to the same elementary school. I think we also went to the same kindergarten but we’re never in the same class so we only know each other since elementary school. There’s a time when I was a total bitch to her (and I regret it so much now) and she’s still so kind to me till now I’m just glad that she’s one of my friends! 
She’s currently attending a uni in malaysia but she’s back in the country for summer holiday~ We rarely meet each other since we graduated from elementary school although we used to play a loooot when we’re kids. The last time I met her was 2 years ago.
We met at Pancious in Mall Taman Anggrek. We’re supposed to meet at 3pm but I’m late because I was looking for my pink shorts. I wore my now-fade-shocking pink pants in the end -_- 
I used to always order either oreo cheese or bolognaise pancake at Pancious. I wanted to try their other menu so I order the green tea pancake.
It was good…. nothing special though. I’d like it more if the green tea flavor was stronger. It was also topped with cookie crumbles and vanilla ice cream. I think it’s graham crumbs?
Then we just wandered around the mall…. We went to bookstores, uniqlo, gadget shop, toys shop…. We also did swatches of make up at korean beauty stores LOL. 

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