July 8, 2014


I totally had no idea since most of the western tv series that I’ve been following are on break/finished this summer. So I don’t know what to watch other than PLL and Awkward. Then I started watching a bunch of romantic comedy anime. Then finally I watched Uta no Prince Sama! I LOOOVEEEE UTAPRI!!! Perhaps because it’s an idol themed anime?
I actually wasn’t really interested in it first. But the song 1000% love was so catchy that I end up wanna hear it more and more. So I just watched it to listen to the song. The story was good as well, which make me love it even more! My fav character is Ichinose Tokiya. I simply loveeee his story on the anime! I even wanted to do cosplay as him! I still don’t really know why…. but I suddenly have this urge to cosplay as him even though I’ve never done it before, not even once.
I haven’t finished watching the second one though. I really wanna finish it but I have to study calculus -_- I really really hate calculus since I couldn’t watch utapri because of it -_-

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