July 17, 2014

I love McDonald’s!

I’ve been eating a lot of McDonald’s lately. I had their fried chickens + french fries again earlier today. Sadly they forgot to give me chili sauce. Luckily I still have their chili sauce from a while ago. Their sauces have preservative, unlike KFC’s. I’m still glad although it’s not healthy…..
I love their fried chickens! Soooo crispy! There’s a time that I wanna eat fried chickens. I bought one near my campus but I still want mcd’s one so I bought another one from mcd’s in the end.
Their french fries aren’t my fav though. It’s kinda tasteless sometimes. I’m glad they’re having those shake fries right now~
I had another fried chicken + omelette + rice two days ago. I also ordered McNuggets! I love McNuggets!
I think I’ve eaten a few more of mcd’s this month although I don’t have the pics. No wonder why I’m fat…………..

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