July 5, 2014

Etude House Haul #2

I bought a bunch of etude house stuff again three days ago. They finally arrived yesterday. Online shopping is soooo convenient and most of the price are cheaper than the ones on the stores and there’s also products that’s not sold in my country but available on online stores. I’m so grateful and mad to internet because it makes me spending money a lot LOL
I bought a primer, lip tints, and another color my brows. I also got samples of collagen moistfull from the seller XD
Out of those items, actually this is the only one that I really need LOL. It’s Color My Brows #2 Light Brown. I have another one which is #5 Blond Brown and I think it’ll only last for one or two more weeks because I use it almost everyday. Since my hair is currently light blonde, it’d be kinda weird if my eye brows are black…. that’s why I need this product.
I got a free sample of Face Conditioning Cream on my first etude haul and I didn’t know what this is at first. I searched about it on google and other people say it’s a primer and all of them are satisfied with this product. So I decided to buy one for myself although I don’t really need it….. but it’d be more expensive if I decided to buy at later time because of another shipping cost ( ̄ω ̄)
I…..don’t really need any of these actually. Perhaps I kinda need the lip concealer because my lips are kinda dark. I’ve wanted to try the Fresh Cherry Tint because other people said that they have nice colors. So I bought the pink one. The Dear Darling Neon Tint was totally unplanned. But since it’s summer so I want an orange lip tint (*´∀`*) I also saw someone reviewed about Magic Tint Balm and I really love the pink color of it!! So I decided to buy it as well LOL
These all cost me for around USD 37 which is really cheap…….I guess? 

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