July 18, 2014

Dairy Queen: Green Tea and Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream

I bought a large blizzard from Dairy Queen today!
It’s green tea + oreo blizzard.Yum! It’s basically vanilla ice cream with toppings. I love blizzard from DQ so much because their choices of toppings are mostly my favorite LOL. Green tea, oreo, nutella, kit kat, wafer crisp………. and they always give the toppings generously. I could really taste the green tea and there’s a lot of oreos as well~
Blizzard ice cream could be turned upside down without falling down. I think it’s because the ice cream was really really cold. It’s blizzard after all~!
Since it’s the large one, so the spoon was longer than usual LOL. I asked for one more spoon to the staff, so they’d somehow think I wouldn’t eat it all by myself since it’s the large serving size. Although I did eat it all by myself LOL not at once though.
I think the price’s kinda cheap for this size of ice cream. It’s only IDR 50k! Well I think it’s cheaper compared to those nitrogen ice cream that’s currently happening right now. 
I used to always buy this whenever I go to Pondok Indah Mall when I was younger. It’s cheaper back then~ I bought this one at Central Park Mall which is beside my apt LOL. It’s also available at Grand Indonesia. I rarely go to Grand Indonesia anymore though…

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