July 7, 2014

Apparently my dog likes to hold his pee

My dog was kinda sick last weekend. He had blood on his pee. It’s happened several times. Once every few months. I got him checked by a vet a few months ago, but the vet just said because of the food which I find it hard to believe. Because he didn’t eat different brand of food at that time.
So I asked my classmate whom also has dogs. She recommended me to go to her vet. So I went there yesterday. The place’s called Vitapet. The place looks nicer on their website, but they still have one of the best facilities for pets in my city (I think). They have x-ray, USG, and even acupuncture!
So my dog was checked by the vet as I told her what’s wrong with him. The vet said that my dog most probably like to hold his pee and that’s why it bled. I was like wtf to my dog why did you……………… The vet still gave him a med though for just in case. My dog also got a medicine for his ears.
Then my mom got hungry so we went to a Nuri’s at PIK. We actually wanted to go to a seafood restaurant at Pantai Mutiara but the GPS got us wrong -_-
I was kinda nervous at first because I never brought him to a restaurant before. Especially since there’s a lot of places aren’t pet friendly here. I’m just glad that the restaurant let him in! We sat at the outside table though. Even the waiters said my dog’s cute!! LOL
I ordered a pork steak and ribs. The ribs were much better than the steak. I also ordered potato wedges. My dog also ate some of my and my mom’s ribs and steak and potatoes because the portion’s soooo big. Even my dog also got full because we just keep feeding him and don’t wanna eat anymore LOL
We went home and my dog’s tired already so he just lay down on me. Although he still saw the road sometimes. The highway staff also said he’s cute! LOL
I gave him the med after we get home and I think the med makes him sleepy. I think he’s also tired though. He really just has been lazying around since we get back and sleeping LOL

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