July 31, 2014


I haven’t blogged much lately. I was gonna write something but I end up watching titanic on fox movies. It’s already 5am now. I have to get up earlier than usual because I’m going to go somewhere.
I’ve been going a lot lately. I stayed at my father’s place for a few days last week. Then I went back there last monday and tuesday. He just fell off a motorcycle recently so we can’t visit other relatives during eid al-fitr. I was so close telling him about deism thing yet I didn’t. Although my goal was to tell him before I turned 20 -_- 
I didn’t talk much with my dad until recently. He was always busy in front of the pc when I was still a kid. It turned out he’s more fun than my mom. Especially since she’s with her new bf. I definitely feel she’s changing and I don’t like her now. 

July 30, 2014


I met my childhood friend again today! She’s gonna go back to MY soon. I wanted to give her some things so I ask her to hang out before she’s out of the country for another year LOL
We had late lunch at Sushi Tei. I was craving for sushi tei for weeks! I only wanted to eat their mentai sauce actually LOL
Then we took pics at purikura box!! I love purikura!!!!
Then we had some ice cream!
She also gave me a birthday present! It’s a hello kitty doll and it’s so cute~
Let’s see each other again next year!!

July 26, 2014

10 more min

countdown to my 20th birthday and I’m eating corn sticks with my dog
Mr Hottest
I’m so fat -_-

Thinking About Internship

I’ve been using xkit for months and a few days ago there might be an update from tumblr which makes that blue thingy around posts and such appear. Since it wasn’t really nice-looking combined with the theme I’m using, so I was kinda lazy to open tumblr. 
I saw an internship ad yesterday and this time I’m gonna apply for it. Actually I don’t meet their very first qualification which is studying in marketing, business, communication, or fashion design, as I’m an IT student. Meanwhile the position available is marketing. But it’s the field where I’m mostly in (at least related to it) on student org, so I decide to just apply anyway. I actually gave it to my hs friend to apply because she’s studying communication. She said I should apply to the company as well because I’ve had the experiences in that field. I don’t expect much though………. although it’d be a dream come true if I ever got accepted!
I have to intern somewhere in IT field next year, thanks to my uni. I actually could easily (probably) intern somewhere thanks to my parents connection (although my grades are so-so). However I don’t wanna depend on them and I wanna get the internship on my own.
There’s a lot helpful websites for internship in usa. I wish there’s also a website like those available here too. Most of internship ads (which is not a lot) are available at jobsdb or such which is also the place for real jobs for those whom have graduated ads. Perhaps I should make one in the future? Since I’m studying about IT after all…..

July 22, 2014


I’m turning 6209 days old on July 27, 2011
I’m turning 6209 days old on July 27, 2011

Legging: H&M

the last weekend of me being 19

I was pretty busy last weekend. I was already tired with 4 days of calculus class a week, but I don’t wanna be at home either. So I decided to go to campus for student org things. 
There’s this expo last Saturday. It’s for freshmen to join clubs and such, and my student org’s also selling event tickets and such. My legs were so sore because I kept going upstairs and downstairs to put signs directing to our booth. I saw someone whom I don’t expect to see. I was happy because of it LOL. I was so hungry because I haven’t eaten anything since morning. Luckily the japanese club was giving free kakigori so I go to their booth with my three other colleagues to get it LOL
I went home at 5pm and sleep until 12am LOL. I didn’t sleep the night before so I was really sleepy and exhausted. I woke up then I see my phone and M’s sent me a message. She’s bored or stressed or something and wanna have some drinks so we did.
I went to La Biere to meet her. There’s this nerdy looking girl who kept seeing us from her seat. She’s like a girl dragged by her two friends there and I don’t even see her talking to her friends -_- M told me her life lately, and she also order pizza. So I ended up eating pizza at 2am -_-
I went home at 3am and sleep for a few hours. I went to campus at 9am for another thing. I was MCing something but I faileeeeed and I’m really saaaaddddd. I was sooooooooooo stupid I feel like a failure for everything I’m doing -_- I wish I did better whyyyyyyy the hell am I soooooo not interactive -_- I was quiet for most of the time because my partner just can’t stop talking and I don’t know when to talk -_- Oh God I’m so fucked up -_- The thing is……. I usually do fine promoting something alone…. since it’s just like promoting something so I just accepted the challenge. Yet I fucking failed -_-
I was so saaaaad. I went home and buy some food for lunch and dinner at the convenience store. I bought this for lunch…. it’s okay… not bad… didn’t make me happy though…..
Then I slept for a few hours. I woke up and eat nasi bakar that I bought earlier for dinner……
I still can’t forgive myself for being another failure -_- I wish I’d get another chance to improve my hosting skill with a partner……………

July 21, 2014


My dog’s always beside me LOL
Top: Moonriver
Shorts: H&M
Top: H&M
Jeans: B5 Saint

July 19, 2014

my dog is so lazy

My dog is so lazy

and so am I..................


why is the mirror so dirty???? okay I should wipe it more often…..
why is the mirror so dirty???? okay I should wipe it more often…..
Top: Mango
Jeans: H&M

July 18, 2014

Dairy Queen: Green Tea and Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream

I bought a large blizzard from Dairy Queen today!
It’s green tea + oreo blizzard.Yum! It’s basically vanilla ice cream with toppings. I love blizzard from DQ so much because their choices of toppings are mostly my favorite LOL. Green tea, oreo, nutella, kit kat, wafer crisp………. and they always give the toppings generously. I could really taste the green tea and there’s a lot of oreos as well~
Blizzard ice cream could be turned upside down without falling down. I think it’s because the ice cream was really really cold. It’s blizzard after all~!
Since it’s the large one, so the spoon was longer than usual LOL. I asked for one more spoon to the staff, so they’d somehow think I wouldn’t eat it all by myself since it’s the large serving size. Although I did eat it all by myself LOL not at once though.
I think the price’s kinda cheap for this size of ice cream. It’s only IDR 50k! Well I think it’s cheaper compared to those nitrogen ice cream that’s currently happening right now. 
I used to always buy this whenever I go to Pondok Indah Mall when I was younger. It’s cheaper back then~ I bought this one at Central Park Mall which is beside my apt LOL. It’s also available at Grand Indonesia. I rarely go to Grand Indonesia anymore though…

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint: Cherry Pink (PK001)

I had another Etude House haul earlier this month. One of the products that I bought is Fresh Cherry Tint PK001 Fresh Pink! 

It’s pretty cheap. I bought it at online store and it’s only IDR 69K (almost USD 6). It’s also available in Etude House retail store in Indonesia, but the price’s more expensive. Probably twice as much as this one?

The packaging is cute as always. As expected from Etude House. Although I prefer rosy tint's tube packaging because it's easier for me to apply the tint. Especially when I wake up late and have to do my makeup in the car during traffic jam LOL

The color is so sweet, right?! I love this kind of pink color although it wouldn’t really show up on my lips because they’re kinda dark. It also smells like cherries! FYI, I don’t like cherries but I still bought it because of the color and people said nice things about this tint.
without flash

with flash

The color showed up better when I apply it on the top of lip concealer.
without flash

with flash

I loooooove the color!! It’s so sweet! I’ve been using it lately instead of my rosy tint. Sometimes I wear both the cherry tint and lip concealer, sometimes just the cherry tint because the concealer’s pretty drying. Although it’s much prettier with the concealer on.
It didn’t make my lips dry, the tint itself is quite aqueous/watery(?) compared to the rosy tint one which is more creamy. Although it’s not as watery as dear darling lip tint (I think). 
The lasting power is average though… It’s gone after a few hours or so. However, it’s quite long lasting on the dry part on my lips (the lip concealer made my lips dry) which I just noticed yesterday. 


I’ve had the t-shirt for years but it’s the first time I wore it! and my classroom was pretty cold so I wear my winged hoodie~
The shoes are my mom’s and still new and she said just wear it if I want to (the label’s still attached lol). I wore it for this pic only though… I didn’t actually wear it outside.

Hoodie: Yoon Gyaru Kawaii!
Top: Terranova
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Uniqlo

July 17, 2014

I love McDonald’s!

I’ve been eating a lot of McDonald’s lately. I had their fried chickens + french fries again earlier today. Sadly they forgot to give me chili sauce. Luckily I still have their chili sauce from a while ago. Their sauces have preservative, unlike KFC’s. I’m still glad although it’s not healthy…..
I love their fried chickens! Soooo crispy! There’s a time that I wanna eat fried chickens. I bought one near my campus but I still want mcd’s one so I bought another one from mcd’s in the end.
Their french fries aren’t my fav though. It’s kinda tasteless sometimes. I’m glad they’re having those shake fries right now~
I had another fried chicken + omelette + rice two days ago. I also ordered McNuggets! I love McNuggets!
I think I’ve eaten a few more of mcd’s this month although I don’t have the pics. No wonder why I’m fat…………..


I slept at 4am or 5am yesterday. I just couldn’t sleep because I slept all day long ( /)u(\ ) I had class at 7:20am and I just freaking get up at 7:30am or something -_- I was sooooooo shocked and do best to do my morning routine as quick as possible. I was glad that I’ve washed my hair the night before because it’s already super oily!
There’s a little traffic jam because of two buses. Those buses were supposed to have “very good” drivers, but these ones totally seem like amateurs for those kind of buses( ̄~ ̄;)
I arrived at almost 8:30am at campus….. and have the quiz at 9am or something. I was so mad to myself that I do the 1st number with the wrong formula and that’s why it took so long and I just realized it at the last minute!! I hate myself so much for being very bad at math( TДT)
but I hate the ppt of the materials even more because they made it in english meanwhile their english is like indonesian being translated word-by-word to english and I often get confused because of it! Why the hell didn’t they just make the ppt in indonesian?? They seriously need to take another english lesson before wanting to go “world class university”(ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ==== ┻━━┻ This one’s better though since it has a lot of math things in it. The ones that have a lot of theories explanation and such totally frustrated me ヘ(。□°)ヘ
I went home at 10am or something. I spent the rest of the day sleeping and eating, literally. I slept for a few minutes, then my lunch delivery arrives. I ate my lunch then go back to sleep for a few hours….. probably 6 hours. Then I ate the leftover of my lunch for dinner, then I go back to sleep for another 2 or 3 hours…. I guess I wouldn’t be able to sleep till morning, again.


Cardigan: H&M
Top: Jatujak Market
Legging: H&M

July 16, 2014

sexy mermaid is on drugs

I have a class at 7am and it’s 4am and I haven’t slept yet…. I’m sleepy but I still wanna read a loooot of things on the net. I also have a quiz later but it’s open book so I decide to not study at all. I think I could do it if I’m allowed to see the book……. 
I took a pic of my dog yesterday and the pose’s somewhat like a sexy mermaid pose LOL. My friend said he looks like on drugs LOLOLOLOL I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING this fluffy little guy’s always hilarious lol I love you so much please lose some weight LOL. He likes to get on the top of my body while I’m laying on the sofa and he’s sooo heavy~!

July 15, 2014

Uta no Prince Sama LINE Stickers

OMG I just realized that there’s utapri stickers on line!! I bought it immediately LOL. I’m glad I did that thing on line that gives prize of 100 coins last month. So I got this one for free thanks to the free coins! 
So I was bored and seeing LINE timeline. Then I checked whether I’ve received that free 100 coins or not, and I have! So I went to the sticker store to look buy new stickers. Since I’m really in love with utapri right now so I looked for it. And there’s utapri stickers! I’m just so happy and glad that I didn’t go to the creator’s market right away just because they’re cheaper LOL
I’m so happy! I’m speechless because I’m so happy! I can’t express how happy I am LOL. I can’t wait to chat with my friends later today using these stickers!
Newly bought stickers are automatically put on top by LINE, but I usually re-order it based on the time I bought them so I wouldn’t forget the old one. But I won’t re-order it this since it’s utapri and stars should be on top LOL.

Uta no Prince Sama Gachapon

When I was meeting my childhood friend the other day, we went to an action figurines shop. There were gachapon machines which we’ve played forever since (and forever expensive for those tiny little whatever inside the capsules).
There were sailor moon, toy story, doraemon, my melody, and a lot others that I don’t remember. Since I’m currently super in love with utapri, so I was looking for utapri machine. But there’s no utapri gachapon machine in that store.
Then we went to a toy stores and there’re another gachapon machines. And there’s utapri gachapon machine!!! The machine had both starish and quartet night members which means it have 11 characters in total.
I was always very careful and selective at playing gachapon because they capsules that you’d get are totally random. I used to play it if and only if (wtf with programming term in this post) I like everything that the machine would give me. I like ichinose tokiya the most in utapri so I obviously wanna get him from the machine! I don’t hate or dislike the others, but I really want the tokiya one!
I totally went crazy while playing it because I keep getting the others instead of tokiya! The machine needed 2 coins for each play which is 200 yen bust it’s around 261 yen in my country or around USD 2.5. I used all of my cash at that time, and use my debit card as well to buy the coins.
I played it until the machine break, literally break. I think there’s one or two capsules that stuck there so it won’t come out anymore. I played 13 times in total and I STILL DIDN’T GET TOKIYA OMFG. I definitely could see the tokiya capsule from outside the machine and it’s nearly that fucking hole that will drop the capsule out omg wtf.
I was so fucking upset because I already got 3 camus and I still haven’t got tokiya not even once OMFG. I got 3 camus, 2 otoya, 2 reiji, 1 ren, 1 natsuki, 1 cecil, 1 sho, 1 mikaze ai, and 1 ranmaru. I gave 1 camus, 1 otoya, and 1 reiji to my friend. 
I have 5 members of starish, except tokiya and masato. OMG SERIOUSLY WHY DIDN”T I GET TOKIYA???? The others are funny as well….. but I want tokiya…………..
I even got everyone of quartet night while I desperately wanna get tokiya. Seiously I don’t need these many -_- one is enough for me if it’s tokiya……. I don’t even know what to do with them now -_- I’m currently using sho as my phone strap though because he wears pink. But I think I’m gonna change it to ren soon.

I meet my childhood friend

I met my childhood friend last Sunday! We went to the same elementary school. I think we also went to the same kindergarten but we’re never in the same class so we only know each other since elementary school. There’s a time when I was a total bitch to her (and I regret it so much now) and she’s still so kind to me till now I’m just glad that she’s one of my friends! 
She’s currently attending a uni in malaysia but she’s back in the country for summer holiday~ We rarely meet each other since we graduated from elementary school although we used to play a loooot when we’re kids. The last time I met her was 2 years ago.
We met at Pancious in Mall Taman Anggrek. We’re supposed to meet at 3pm but I’m late because I was looking for my pink shorts. I wore my now-fade-shocking pink pants in the end -_- 
I used to always order either oreo cheese or bolognaise pancake at Pancious. I wanted to try their other menu so I order the green tea pancake.
It was good…. nothing special though. I’d like it more if the green tea flavor was stronger. It was also topped with cookie crumbles and vanilla ice cream. I think it’s graham crumbs?
Then we just wandered around the mall…. We went to bookstores, uniqlo, gadget shop, toys shop…. We also did swatches of make up at korean beauty stores LOL. 

July 12, 2014

One Piece Hair Studio

some time ago because it’s really dry because of the bleaching and everything (T▽T) I cut my hair at One Piece, Central Park. It’s my second time to go to One Piece~!

I went to One Piece to fix my horrible green hair last month, and get it bleached. I was satisfied with the result, and I also looooveee my mom’s hair after she cut it here. I never envied her hair before, not even once, until she finally cut it at OP ( ̄ω ̄;) Her hair was cut by Prio, a stylist there. So I decided that I wanna get my hair cut by him too!

After talking about what I wanna do with my hair, my hair was washed. Then it’s cut a little while it’s still wet. Then it’s dried and cut again which is the more detailed one. The stylist said it’s a gradient style, because the lower part of my hair was thinner than the upper part because it’s damaged from the bleaching, so it’d make my hair more balance or something….. I don’t remember LOL. I used to have layered style but it might make me look even chubbier which I don’t want.
My hair before…. I was just crying right before I took the pics there’re big bags under my eyes LOL

After the cut……..

It looks nice nee~ I think this hairstyle looks sweet XD  I’m glad I didn’t cut it even shorter. And now the thickness looks even(?). I’m also glad that my bangs were cut as well because there’s this annoying piece of hair that keeps separating itself with the other -_-

Another think that I like in the salon is………….. their japanese hair style magazines LOL. I love looking at japanese hairstyles although most of them look the same to me LOL

I also love these puzzle pieces on their interior LOL

July 9, 2014


I finally finished watching the second season of utapri!! I can’t wait to watch the next one next year~ 
My fav song on the 2nd one is maji 2000% love. I even did a cover on it LOL
I wish the otome game would be released in english someday and I’d totally buy a psp to play it!!! I just love it waaaaayyy tooo much
(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)(✿ ♥‿♥)

July 8, 2014


I totally had no idea since most of the western tv series that I’ve been following are on break/finished this summer. So I don’t know what to watch other than PLL and Awkward. Then I started watching a bunch of romantic comedy anime. Then finally I watched Uta no Prince Sama! I LOOOVEEEE UTAPRI!!! Perhaps because it’s an idol themed anime?
I actually wasn’t really interested in it first. But the song 1000% love was so catchy that I end up wanna hear it more and more. So I just watched it to listen to the song. The story was good as well, which make me love it even more! My fav character is Ichinose Tokiya. I simply loveeee his story on the anime! I even wanted to do cosplay as him! I still don’t really know why…. but I suddenly have this urge to cosplay as him even though I’ve never done it before, not even once.
I haven’t finished watching the second one though. I really wanna finish it but I have to study calculus -_- I really really hate calculus since I couldn’t watch utapri because of it -_-

July 7, 2014

wtf, I’m so worried

I have calculus hw due tomorrow. I’ve been trying to answer the questions but I don’t know how to solve most of them -_- I’ve watched a loooot of tutorials on youtube and I still don’t get it. What the fuck is wrong with me -_-
My dog went to the vet yesterday and the vet said he only has one testicle. I thought it wouldn’t a problem. The vet said it with kinda worried tone though. But I kinda just let it go because he get no problem till now, and I didn’t ask further about it either. Then I researched it and it may cause cancer O.O I’m so fucking worried right now I’m just grateful he get no problem at all on it for these past few years. He’s 7 years old already. I called the clinic but his vet wasn’t there today. So I’m gonna call the clinic again on wednesday when his vet’s there.
don’t mind my hair, I forgot to wash it today….
I actually wanna do cosplay but my dog’s way more important right now so I’m gonna postpone the cosplay thing.

Apparently my dog likes to hold his pee

My dog was kinda sick last weekend. He had blood on his pee. It’s happened several times. Once every few months. I got him checked by a vet a few months ago, but the vet just said because of the food which I find it hard to believe. Because he didn’t eat different brand of food at that time.
So I asked my classmate whom also has dogs. She recommended me to go to her vet. So I went there yesterday. The place’s called Vitapet. The place looks nicer on their website, but they still have one of the best facilities for pets in my city (I think). They have x-ray, USG, and even acupuncture!
So my dog was checked by the vet as I told her what’s wrong with him. The vet said that my dog most probably like to hold his pee and that’s why it bled. I was like wtf to my dog why did you……………… The vet still gave him a med though for just in case. My dog also got a medicine for his ears.
Then my mom got hungry so we went to a Nuri’s at PIK. We actually wanted to go to a seafood restaurant at Pantai Mutiara but the GPS got us wrong -_-
I was kinda nervous at first because I never brought him to a restaurant before. Especially since there’s a lot of places aren’t pet friendly here. I’m just glad that the restaurant let him in! We sat at the outside table though. Even the waiters said my dog’s cute!! LOL
I ordered a pork steak and ribs. The ribs were much better than the steak. I also ordered potato wedges. My dog also ate some of my and my mom’s ribs and steak and potatoes because the portion’s soooo big. Even my dog also got full because we just keep feeding him and don’t wanna eat anymore LOL
We went home and my dog’s tired already so he just lay down on me. Although he still saw the road sometimes. The highway staff also said he’s cute! LOL
I gave him the med after we get home and I think the med makes him sleepy. I think he’s also tired though. He really just has been lazying around since we get back and sleeping LOL

July 5, 2014

Summer Quiz

I had calculus quiz yesterday. I feel so hopeless with calculus. I’ve been having grade C and lower since I was in junior high -_- My prof even asked me why did I choose com sci as my major…….
The class started at 7:20am till 10:40am but we’re dismissed at 10am. The quiz itself was at 9am to 10am. I was sad that I could only answer like half of it -_-
I just need to study hard actually. Most of the topics have been taught in high school, although it’s obviously harder in uni with those sin cos and their friends everywhere -_- 

So TransJakarta has been around for 10 years

I like riding TransJakarta bus although I don’t ride it that often. I had a few pics taken during traffic jam on my way to the car service station ad I thought it’d be great to blog it.
The traffic was pretty full with vehicles. Sometimes I think my city is kinda like LA because they both have a loooot of cars on the street LOL. Although my city obviously has waaaaay poorer system. Traffic jam is still everywhere even when the bus rapid transit aka TransJakarta system has been around for 10 years.
This is the side view of TransJakarta bus. I rode the bus when my car’s at the service station to go home. I also rode the bus to go back to the service station on the next day. I like riding Transjakarta bus because they’re street musicians free. There’s a lot of street musicians here and not all of them are good. Mostly are just singing while playing guitar. Transjakarta also has better bus stop rather than the other bus like metro mini or kopaja, which actually could just stop at any place on their route which often makes the traffic jammed behind them( ̄~ ̄)They also have their own way on the street so when the other cars got jammed on the street, transjakarta buses don’t. However there’s a lot of stupid cars and motorcycles that get into the bus way -_- 
Although there’s already the sign for it…
Dear all people who rode those cars and motorcycles, do you know that you might make some people late because the bus they’re riding can’t get through the way at the speed it should be? even the bus couldn’t get through at all because they also have to wait for some cars who just suddenly wanted to take an exit from the bus way yet they can’t because the other ways are already full/jammed with other cars
The separators are already poor as well. I really think they should repair it ( ̄◇ ̄;)
Even some of the separators have gone ( ̄ェ ̄;) it’s been 10 years after all… don’t they do maintenance or something? I think I saw them did it a few times on the street. I don’t know what they were doing though.
Some of the buses are also olddddddd and not really……have a pleasant view anymore compared to the new buses. Although no one would really notice it especially during rush hour. I rode the new buses a few times and they’re so nice, and even have that announcement what’s the next stop and such on PA system automatically like the one on trains.
The old buses are really really really noisy! I always feel like I was in a war zone or something because of the noise (⌓⍢⌓〣) I often spotted tourists riding the bus, and honestly I as an Indonesian feel so ashamed because of the bus….. They city gov said they’re buying new buses but there’s also problems on the new bus or something and the news said there might be another corruption or something I don’t really remember the news about it anymore.
I hope that these old buses would be replaced by the new ones or at least please make them look like new so tourists wouldn’t have to see and hear such things I stated above (╯•﹏•╰)