June 30, 2014

watch watch watch

The final episode of junior masterchef Indonesia aired yesterday. I used to watch it every week when it’s first started. Then I somehow missed a few episodes until this week. I’m just glad that I didn’t miss the final!
However, the winner wasn’t my fav! So I somehow got upset LOL. I really wished the boy would win because his expression which is always so calm reminds me to my dearest cousin! But he lose :( Well… I wish he’d still have a great future though although he didn’t win the contest this time.
I watch TV quite often lately. I mostly watch news, entertainment news, and talk show LOL. I usually watch series from USA instead of the soap opera on local channel. However since most of the shows got here later than the actual air date, so I didn’t watch them on TV. But when star world finally aired them, I’d just re-watch them. There’s not many tv shows that I watch this summer. As mellissa and joey has finished its 3rd season last week, I only watch Pretty Little Liars and Awkward as for now. I used to wait almost everyday to new episodes of each series that I was following to come out, but there’s not much left that’s airing on summer so I miss that kind of feeling.
Since I get bored easily if I don’t watch something, I’d just do anime marathon. I’m currently watching Special A!
It’s really really really funny and I hope it wouldn’t get weird ending like fruits basket -_-

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