June 11, 2014


I have this class called character building. We had a mandatory project which is 10 hours of community service. Each group had to help a small business. My group consisted of 9 people and we help a small restaurant creating a new menu book. There’s only 2 girls in the group, and the rest are boys.
The thing is, there’s one person whom always late. I just couldn’t be patient anymore with him and I totally bitched out since last week. I don’t care with people being late in classes, but don’t be late during a project meeting or something like that, outside the class. Could you show some effort like the others? Some were late as well, but not as late as him. I wasn’t being a really nice person to him anymore. I actually didn’t feel good by being like that as well. But that bastrd just needed a lesson -_- 
We went to the restaurant for the last time (of this project) last monday. I got mad a few times because I just wanna get things done and go home but most of the boys were seriously as slow as snails -_- 

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