June 8, 2014

senbatsu sousenkyo

I was watching entertainment news on youtube yesterday while tumblr-ing at the same time. Then I saw……. akb48 general senbatsu election pics on tumblr. Then I checked akb48wrapup and the senbatsu’s still not over yet. So I watched it via live-streaming on justin tv and ustream. It’s jurina’s speech when I opened the live streaming. Justin was such a pain for a free user so I look for another live stream and I found one on ustream. Yukirin got 3rd place again. I was nervous during the 2nd place announcement because it’s between mayuyu and sasshi. When the announcer said hkt48 everyone’s face was so shock. Perhaps because it meant that mayuyu’s finally the center. Even mayuyu herself seemed to be crying while sasshi gives her speech. But she seemed really happy during her speech although I don’t understand most of the things she said LOL. Suddenly the ustream user was blocked and can’t continue the live streaming so I have to go back to justin tv -_-

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