June 26, 2014


I’ve been binge writing about my circle lenses -_- I still have two more that I wanna write about and they’re my fav, the fairy of water! But I’m getting sleepy and it’s almost 3am.
I had software engineering final exam yesterday. I think I did pretty good on it…? although I’m not sure whether I’ll get good scores or not. I studied until 4 or 5am last night and wake up at 8am to get ready to go to campus. Actually all I did was skimming a little and memorize IICMBPTP -_- but I got distracted a lot so it takes a looong time for me to study, every time. 
A wanted to look for the answers on his phone during the exam, but his phone stupidly play a music and the invigilator came to him. I just laughed from my seat seeing them LOL. He’s really hopeless, he really should study instead of working -_- I think he should work when his grades are good…. or at least average -_-

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