June 15, 2014


It’s sunday and there’s shokura this week. I woke up at exactly 9am, the time shokura’s aired. I was still half asleep but the tv’s being such a bitch so I get mad to the tv and fully wake up. Thank you tv but you’re really such a bitch.
Kento’s super cute this week although the theme was rock. I just noticed taiga’s hair….. when did he dye it? Taiga and hokuto only appeared on the last song… if I’m not mistaken. But the nekketsu battle was so hilarious especially when kento’s imitating the dance of a smap’s song LOL and hirano sho was as handsome as ever LOL he’s like all of good looking johnny’s boys mixed to be one~! so glad he got that main role on shark drama some time ago… I hope he’s getting more and more popular~
I think there’s no shokura next week so I can wake up late in the afternoon~

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