June 25, 2014

Pizza Hut Delivery: Froreo, Pepperoni Cheese Fusilli, Tuna Melt Cheese Bites Pizza

I haven’t studied at all for the software engineering exam ._. I’m hungry and there’s still pizza left over from dinner…. but I don’t wanna eat this late. It’s almost 1am. I ordered from pizza hut for two days in a row ._. I had tuna melt pizza for yesterday’s dinner and pepperoni cheese fusilli the day before…. I also ordered froreo aka deep fried oreo…… It’s my first ever deep fried oreo, and it’s so damn yummy! What a guilty pleasure…….
I’ve eaten pepperoni cheese fusilli and tuna melt pizza a few times before… and they’re still delicious as ever LOL
I chose the cheesy bites pizza though which is my fav~ But it made the part that have toppings on to be smaller……. and it’s thinner than regular pizza so it’s kinda hard to eat because the topping was too heavy for that thin pizza -_-
and the box was x-men days of future past! which is not a really new movie at all…..
Damn now I’m getting even hungrier -______-

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