June 25, 2014

Miss Eye: Vaidurya Gray

I’ve worn circle lenses for a few months. I always buy a new one every month, because they can only be worn for a month. Actually it can be worn more than a month, if you don’t care about your eyes’ health and such. I used to wear them for almost two months once because I was too lazy to order a new pair ( ੭⌯᷄௰⌯᷅ ू’l|) However, I’ve been too lazy to write about them(#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ I even haven’t thrown the old ones yet because they’re just cute LOL
So I ordered a new one last week and it’s arrived yesterday. So I started wearing it today. It’s Miss Eye Vaidurya in Gray! It’s my third circle lenses of Miss Eye! I looked for review on the net but there’s no gray ones. Actually the brown and blue ones are pretty nice too…. so are the purple and green ones….. but I decided to buy the gray one LOL
See…. how pretty they are~ It has 17.8mm diameter and it has four tones on the lens….. and here’s mine!
I was shock at first because of the pattern….. it looks more “fierce” than the picture (´⊙ω⊙`)!and I only saw bright gray on them. But they actually have a hint of purple-ish dark gray on it.
Left: front side | Right: back side
One of the benefits wearing circle lenses is it’s really easy to know which side is the front and the back LOL. Here’s how they look on my eyes.
Without flash
With flash
Although they're comfortable to wear, they look scary!!!! especially with flash ( ꒪Д꒪)ノI thought the color wouldn’t be this visible, because my eye color is very dark dark dark dark brown. They look like crackle nail polish -_- my friend said it looked more white instead of gray…. although it’s definitely not white compared to the white on my eye balls.
It’s large but I don’t find it cute like my other circle lenses. Perhaps because of the color and the pattern…. and because the color really showed up, the pupils only look that big.
I don’t think I’ll purchase vaidurya gray ever again -_- I’d still like to buy the blue or violet one though…..
without flash

I don't recommend wearing this if you're gonna cry though. Somehow it became blurry after you stopped crying, like the tears make the lenses dirty. Although this never happened to any other circle lenses that I've worn before. So there's a time when I cried all my way to uni and then I can't see anything written on the whiteboard -_- I still could see, but it's like I'm not wearing the lenses (I'm nearsighted).

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