June 26, 2014

Miss Eye: Fairy of Water (Violet and Blue)

Finally I’m writing about my fav circle lenses! It’s Miss Eye: Fairy of Water! I’ve bought two of it, violet and blue. I bought the violet first. Since I really love the design, so I bought another one in blue for the next month!
The design is really pretty isn’t it? Although the violet color is soooo soft -_- The blue shows up better. It’s a flower with only five petals on it. It’s 17.8mm, smaller than the hello kitty one. Although it’s smaller, I think the size looks somewhat the same like hello kitty because they’re both just big? LOL
with flash (violet & blue respectively)
without flash (violet & blue respectively)
Since my natural eyes color is very very very very dark, so the colors only showed up a little…. with flash. They look like just black without flash -_- But I love it though since they’re big and the design is cute~
The pupils didn’t look small like wearing the vaidurya so they gave “puppy eyes” effect to my eyes which is cute~ Do you know why do kids have cute face? Because their eyes are big! There’s a time when I showed a pic of me to my classmates and one of them say I look like a kid. It’s because I was wearing circle lenses which made my eyes look big! Why are dogs cute even when they do nothing or when they’re just simply being a jerk? the answer is the same…. because their eyes are big! LOL 
See the difference? (violet and blue respectively)
wearing the violet one (outdoor). Let’s say hello to T!
wearing the blue one
However, I sometimes felt uncomfortable wearing it, like there’s something on my eyes. I could wear contacts for hours, from morning till night or even midnight. I’ve always done this but others were just fine. The fairy of water also made my eyes dry after several hours using it. Then I’d blink fast like crazy just to make my eyes watery(?) LOL. But since I really like the design, although they didn’t really show on my eyes, I don’t mind using it XD
I think I’m gonna buy the gray one in the future…. I hope it won’t be scary like the gray of vaidurya -_-

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