June 24, 2014

Midnight Sale

Only two exams left~ I had database system exam last Monday. I just skimmed all the materials though because there’s seriously A LOT of them! I ended up only know the answers of two questions out of 7 or 8 questions….. I even fell asleep while I was studying at midnight. I went to a midnight sale first at the mall beside my apt the night before LOL.
I haven’t bought clothes for quite some time. I was also looking for new skirts. I also bought new bras and they’re really cute LOL. I also bought a new bag.
I love the shocking pink bag~ I bought it in Pull & Bear. And the bras also have the same color like the bag LOL. They’re from La Senza. I really love the straps!! It has that triangle bling bling on it LOL. And I just love the black crossing ribbon on the other one~ Actually it’s not my size though… And I just know that I’ve worn the wrong size ever since -_- I’m supposed to wear bigger cup…. so that’s why sometimes my breasts annoyingly hurt -_- And the right size for me for these bras were sold out, so I just bought it anyway…
See it’s really cute~
And these are the top and skirt I bought from Bershka. 
Bershka just came to my country for a few years….. I first saw it in SG when I was still a high school student.
And this top is from Bershka as well~ I think this is my first usa flag thingy? It says Rock It N.Y.C. Tour. I bought it because of the “rock it” and “nyc”… well you know what nyc stands for…. nakayama yamada chinen!!! WWWWWW
Another skirt and pretty blue top that matches a little with my hair LOL, still from Bershka….
The pic is so dark o.O yet the shocking pink is so bright LOL. The top is from Pull & Bear. 
Actually these skirts are the longest I’ve had…. The rest of skirts that I have are shorter and mini-er LOL. The white skirt my mom bought for me a few years ago is so short I haven’t really worn it to public yet -_- I did wear it for the play last year though but it’s because I wear black hose for the whole time of the play.
And I really love the black top! It’s summer but I don’t really go outside so I don’t care even if it’s long sleeves. And it’s also pretty thin and see-through so it’s not hot to wear it. And it has this zipper at the back!
and the other tops also have unique backside as well~
I think I’m gonna go to Bershka again tomorrow after software engineering exam…. There’s a leopard print tank top that I saw when I was going out of the store and I really like it. I hope it’s still available in my size when I go there tomorrow ._.

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