June 4, 2014

Manic Panic Voodoo Blue + One Piece Hair Salon

Finally my hair is pretty! It’s so gorgeous LOL. So I dyed some part of my hair blue using voodoo blue by manic panic. But it turned out to be disaster because the color stained the rest of my blonde hair and turn them to mint and disgusting green. I hate the disgusting green. And I’m sure people would say I cosplay just because of that hair as this has happened to me before. I don’t hate cosplay. I’d love to although I’ve never done it. But I don’t dye my hair to “cosplay” and I don’t even wearing cosplay costumes or something so why do you even call me cosplay -_- My campus outfits are only t-shirt and jeans and sometimes cardigan as well when I’m gonna go to cool class room.
So here’s when it’s still a disaster……. the blue is lovely though. I left it for around 2 hours, then I rinse it.

where the fuck is my left hand -_- I guess I put it behind my back why did I put it behind my back -_-
So I freaked out and cry on my mom because I really don’t know what to do as the blonde I loved was ruined. I always dyed only the lower part of my hair, so I never had the color stain the rest of my hair. And it’s always pink, and if the pink stained the rest of my head, I’d still be fine with it. Meanwhile it’s green and I hate green especially disgusting green. My mom told me to go to a salon where she had her highlight done. So I went to the salon. It’s called One Piece, like an anime lol. It’s a japanese salon after all.
The stylist that cut my mom’s hair was off , so anyone’s okay for me as long as I get my hair fixed. I got the malaysian stylist, Kevin. And I’m just glad I didn’t cut my hair because he’s expensive LOL. Although I had my bangs cut in the end because it’s too long already. Actually my mom would pay for me. I didn’t wanna go there at first because I have no money to pay on my own. Sooo thank you Mom! I usually cut my own bangs, but I didn’t do it for quite some time and my bangs cutting skill becomes poor and the result wasn’t as great as before -_- 
I told about the disaster and explain what I want. So I wanted my blonde back, the stylist said it might or might not happen because green is hard to get rid off. I still wanted the blue part anyway so I tell them to just bleach my hair, the green parts. The bleaching it self was done by his assistant, the stylist just give him directions. 
I went there at 5pm. It finally finished at almost 8:30pm. I spent almost 3 and a half hour there -_- I’m just so very sorry to the assistant because the bleach burnt his hands as I needed a looooot of the bleaching cream. Even the gloves just couldn’t help it. The stylist that bleached my a few months ago also experienced the same. I’m so sorry to trouble you guys ._.

Anyway, I love my hair now! it’s so pretty. I got my roots touched up as well. The blue still hasn’t washed out completely although it’s been washed a few times after I dyed it. And the blonde is lighter than before! I loooooveeee my blonde! I didn’t even get it colored after the bleaching. My friend said it looks like platinum blonde. It’s still a bleached blonde after all. I love it so much, let’s call it milk blonde! LOL. And the blue looks better with this blonde, since the one I had before was still a bit too yellow…….
I was bored because the process takes quite some time so I asked some things about hair and dye and stuff. There’s a lot of people said that manic panic dye will stay longer on the hair if we let it sit on our hair for hours before rinse it off. This didn’t happen to me. Either I waited for an hour, two hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or so, they always washed out at the same length of time….. I asked about this and he said it really doesn’t matter,however the longer we waited, the color might appear stronger. And it’s true! As I’ve done it before…. and my friend said bleaching might cause hair loss. I have my hair loss from time to time, since ages ago so I don’t recognize this and I don’t believe in this as my hair loss is still pretty much the same before I bleached my hair for the first time. So I asked about this as well and he said bleaching won’t cause hair loss, but it may lead to breakage if the bleaching process isn’t done properly. If the hair just couldn’t take the bleach anymore, they’d break. I also asked a few other things. I’m just glad that I got my hair to be prettier than ever, and also some knowledge about hair and stuff LOL.
I still have a looot of voodoo blue dye and I’m honestly kinda scared to use it again LOL. I guess I should have just bought the bad boy blue since it contains less green (I guess?).

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