June 5, 2014


There’s other uni students from other city, malang, whom visited our campus yesterday. It’s supposed to start at 10am but they’re late because of the traffic. I had nothing to do at all. Most of my colleagues just commented about my hair. There’s also my lecturer from last semester there. She loves my hair and want it as well LOL. We took a pic together and she uploaded it to ig.
And there’s my colleague whom commented about my hair saying cosplay thing and it really made me annoyed. I said nothing though. I just hate everyone whom said I’m cosplaying. THERE’RE EVEN NO CHARACTERS HAVE HAIR LIKE MINE! At least I don’t know any….. I just love hair like this thanks to scene kids on myspace who had gorgeous hair colors (omg myspage is very very ancient). So my hair’s influenced by those kids, not the Japanese way……….. I don’t hate cosplay, I love seeing them especially digimon cosplay! but I’m soooo annoyed when people said I’m doing it just because my hair’s like this. why don’t they just stfu -_-
Anyway, it finally started at 12pm. However, I actually had class from 11am-1pm. I went to the class at almost 12pm because of a pop quiz. 
I went back to the room where the event’s held. And it’s almost the campus tour time. So I helped guiding them for the campus tour. I’ve done it a few times, but when somebody asked about how many faculties my uni has, I still don’t know the answer. Well I don’t know. I should do some research first when there’s this kind of event again -_- and since my hair is very different with the others, so some of them took pics with me LOL

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