June 28, 2014

it’s 2am

There’s the avengers on hbo so I watched it. I love the avengers! and the movie! Especially when hulk was smashing loki at tony’s office. I always laughed whenever I watch that scene LOL
Since my mom just got a new bf, she’s not coming home tonight. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here at home -_- I have another final exam today in the afternoon which is the last one. Hooray! 
I’ve been reading a few blogs since I joined bloglovin. There’s a lot of nice blog out there! My blog is basically my dairy. Since I’ve always been too lazy to write it on a book, so I decided to create a blog instead. I’ve made a few blogs since I was in elementary school, which they’re all my diary. However they didn’t last as long as this one. I used to just stop writing after a month or a few months LOL
And now I’m watching entertainment news of my country on youtube. I think there’s seriously a lot unimportant news -_- I think there’s even one that just “made” the news to attract people’s attention and she’s not even pretty -_-

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