June 19, 2014

i’m sleepy

There’s 5 streamings that I could choose in my major. My 1st choice was computer networks, and the 2nd one’s interactive multimedia or something…… I have to get at least B on my final score for computer networks class this semester. However I got only C during the mid -_- and I’m gonna have the final tomorrow. I could still make it but…….. I’ve lost interest in it. I think I should go to the multimedia one instead….. as I did better on that one as well -_- it still has a lot of codes though…. but I wanna study about networks….. I’m so undecided…… and yet I’m here in tumblr instead of studying for the final tomorrow -_-
I had the character building final earlier. I studied from 1am to 7am. Then I slept for a while. I woke up at 8am. Then I went to campus at 9am. I did well on the essays, but not the case study -_- I’m still glad though I could do all the essays well…………… It was really hard for me to study because I get distracted A LOT. I had lunch after I get home, then go straight to sleep until around 7pm and now I’m still sleepy -_-

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