June 26, 2014

Hello Kitty Circle Lenses (Pink)

I love Hello Kitty. And there’s Hello Kitty circle lenses! There’s no way I wouldn’t buy it LOL. I wasn’t sure to buy it or not at the first time, when I was looking for my first ever circle lenses. It’s because the color stated by the seller is as semi natural. However, knowing that the color may or may not really come out after wearing my first ever circle lenses Eva Eye by Miss Eyeso I just bought it anyway. I used to wear colored contacts when I was still in high school from acuvue and freshkon, and the color came out just fine, whatever the color was.
I bought the pink one, although I actually like the blue one better (the complete opposite withbarbie eye LOL). It’s bigger than my first circle lenses. It’s 18,5mm! 
The pink looks kinda purple-ish. Even my colleague asked whether I was wearing purple contacts -_- 
It had 48% water content. I never really cared about the water content of my lenses though…. as long as my eyes are comfortable wearing it. It was comfortable to wear them, and I kinda forget to order a new one because it’s still okay although I’ve worn it for more than a month. But I started feel wearing it and get uncomfortable when it’s almost two months. It shouldn’t be worn for more than a month, but I sometimes wear the barbie eye during that time… so… well… yeah….
without flash
oops I just realized it’s blurry -_- but the color didn’t show up though… I also only saw them as black most of the time. I’m still amazed of my colleague’s eyes that saw it as purple -_-
with flash
It even still didn’t really show up by using flash…. I kept telling my friends that I wore hello kitty circle lenses to them and they have to stare at my eyes for quite some time until they see the hello kitty -_-
The design’s actually cute… since it’s hello kitty LOL. It’d be nice if the color would show like vaidurya or barbie eye although the users’ eyes are naturally dark so the hello kitty could be seen as well. Probably it’d look good on someone’s whom has light colored eyes?
These were me during the time I wore hello kitty circle lenses. They really made my eyes big and cute although the pink and hello kitty couldn’t be seen…

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