June 6, 2014

gloomy days

I’ve been making myself busy after I failed the audition. So I would at least think I’m still needed somewhere else…….. although it’s only for uni stuff or student organization….. but I didn’t really have anything to do until last wednesday so I just spend my time watching anime -_-
I interviewed some people who wanna be a BC. It’s like those seniors who’ll guide the freshmen whom will enter the uni this year. It started at 9am. One person could take 15 to 30minutes. I didn’t even have time to rest because there’s a loooooot of interviewees. I love interviewing people because I get to learn about many kind of people. 
I also had to do a project in the afternoon. So I finished interviewing at around 1:30pm and meet my team mates for the project in front of the library. We have to help a small business to become better or something. After all of the group members had come to the campus, we went to the place where we’re helping. We just helped the business by making a menu book for a small restaurant. It’s not a one-time-visit-then-finish project. We have to contribute for at least 10 hours. Meanwhile the owner of the business himself didn’t want us to stay there too long -_- whatever…………. I got bad mood because one of my team mate was really late.
I had a networking quiz today. It’s a group quiz though, yet we failed it -_- I also have another quiz tomorrow. It’s database and I don’t think I could do it….. I wanna study but I haven’t installed ssms on my laptop yet. I guess I’ll just ask my classmates to explain them to me before the quiz tomorrow…………….

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