June 30, 2014

Fast Food Junk Food

I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately that I’m even worried to my body. Fried chickens, pizza, burgers….. They contain a loooooot of oils and fat, right?? I wanna lose some weight…. yet I kept eating then -_- Meanwhile I’m just so bored with any other kind of food….. I’m bored of them too but at least the junk food are yummier than non junk food -_-
I had mcdonalds two days ago….. and a few days ago…. and also the other day….. I ate a lot of mcdonalds in the past two weeks since they launch their mcdelivery! I bought the two fried chicken + french fries + ice lemon tea most of the time.
I wanted to eat rice the other day so I buy it too -_- They’re also currently having shaker fries seasonings for the french fries and they’re oishii and I love them -_-
I love the brazillian salsa more because the roasted beef’s kinda sweet. There’s also a time I bought their new world cup themed burger or something, it’s the mcspicy peri peri deluxe burger.
Have I written about it? I don’t remember -_- it’s really spicy though I kinda had a hard time eating it -_-
I also had a burger for yesterday’s dinner. It’s chilli cheese burger from carl’s jr! I also had half of chilli cheese fries and a piece of chicken tender or something…. The drink’s even more full of fat!! It’s the vanilla hand scooped shake -_- it’s basically vanilla ice cream…. I think. So… yup! a whole glass of vanilla ice cream -_-
I wonder when will I lose my weight……. it just keeps increasing and increasing -_-

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