June 3, 2014

disaster blue

I dyed my hair blue last Sunday. I used voodoo blue by manic panic. It’s good at first, then it turned to be a disaster. I only dyed a few part of my hair. Then the blue stained my blonde when I rinse the dye -_- and some of my hair now turned green because of the stain. So there are blue, disgusting green, mint, light blonde, dark blonde, and black on my hair -_- But I really love the blue color. It’s reallyyyy pretty! Exactly the blue I want! The only color I hate is the disgusting green. And it looks like all of my hair are blue and green. I just don’t want people to say I’m doing cosplay. I’m not doing cosplay. I just like having hair like this…… I hate green, but I love mint. I freaked out yesterday that I even cry -_- My mom told me to get her stylist fix it. I went to the salon yesterday but he’s fully booked. So I’m gonna go there again today….. I just wanna get rid the disgusting green……

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