June 1, 2014

Days of Future Past

Finally I watched xmen days of the future past yesterday. I love xmen movies. I love the stories of each movie, and now they have a new timeline which means more stories. I can’t wait to watch the xmen apocalypse in 2016! The movie felt so looooong although it’s only 2 hours or so. I just wanted it to finish asap because I don’t want them to die because of those stupid fat sentinels. I’m curious whether logan had the bone or andamantium claws. I read several articles and they get some errors or something and the director or someone said to just forget it. Well I’m okay with errors, I just think it’s totally a new story as they got a new timeline now. The past is the past, for me. I’m also curious where magneto went on his last scene. I didn’t see him in the future after logan get back from the past. And what’s mystique doing as stryker. I wonder if she/he’d inject the andamantium to logan in the new timeline, since there’s a saying that’s said in the movie about river, cripples, water, or something which means the past could have different story but the end would still be the same or something like that. Although luckily the end wasn’t the same. I was actually shocked to see professor to have long hair LOL.

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