June 30, 2014

Car Service Station

The car that I’ve always been riding is at the service station. It’s haven’t been there for around one and a half year. So I just want everything to be checked out.
I made the appointment at 1pm. But I forgot to get everything out of the car last Saturday so I do it today. There’s seriously a looooooot of things, shoes, high heels, those daiso things, snacks, books, hose, papers, jackets, trash…….. I put a lot of things in the car because there’s not much space left in my apt -_-
There’s a new apt being built around here, so there’s a road that’s closed starting today which somewhat created a traffic jam because all the cars that wanna go that way have to make a u-turn. 
There’s also another traffic jam in some places which made me ever later -_- I was finally there at 1:30pm. I think I could make it at 1pm if the service station wasn’t at the other side of the road LOL. And the u-turn’s a bit far……. I’m just glad it didn’t have to be reschuled though LOL
However, the service couldn’t be finished today. The car steering wheels sometimes shook when I was driving it, and the reparation could take a whole day. So I’m gonna go back there tomorrow to get the car.
I went back home by bus. Actually I wanted to go to the japanese library first, but I couldn’t sleep well last night and keep waking up because of non-stop nightmares. I woke up really tired and there’s this headache that really hurts as well -_-

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