June 11, 2014


Two more papers, one practical final exam. I just finally finished a project yesterday. My group did the presentation yesterday. I wish we got a nice mark. I’m gonna have final exams next week. I still think that the mid exams were done last week -_-
I’ve been trying to make myself busy, either productive or not. The most important thing is to keep me busy, to get something off my mind. I think last year’s meidos are gonna be meidos again this year. I also want that job…….. okay I really should get this off my mind…. let’s just try again next year~
I’ve been sleeping well lately. I even went to sleep earlier than usual. Since I’m just tired from keeping myself busy. Sadly I missed the chance to chat with T last night. So did I last week :( The time difference’s pretty annoying…. I rarely send her email these days because I’m just too busy either doing projects, tidying up my room, or watch whatever I could watch on tv and net. 

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