June 26, 2014

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue

Now it’s about Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue! I bought this last February, along with hello kitty circle lenses. My mistake was to open them at the same time….. by the time I finished wearing the hello kitty one (around a month), I couldn’t wear this as well because it’d also been a month old -_- I’ve only worn a few times….. Actually I wanted to buy the pink one, because the pink of this line isn’t so bright (I think). But I ended up buying the blue one instead because I bought the hello kitty in pink one LOL
I’ve wanted to write about it since the day I got it. I thought I’d taken pics for blogging purpose but I didn’t -_- Since I still have it, so I wore it for pics. Lesson learned: never ever wear a few months old circle lenses! It was really uncomfortable! I didn’t throw it away because I wanna collect my circle lenses. 
However, I didn’t find any problem when I wear it while it’s still brand new from the bottles. I did soak it with contact lenses solution first for a night though. I think it’s the smallest circle lenses I’ve ever had. It’s “only” 16mm. Although it’s still considered as big, I didn’t see my eyes that big because I was already used to wearing 17-18mm lenses. I think I wore it several hours and my eyes were still okay, compared to water of fairy which is quite drying for me.
without the lenses (sorry for dark pic XD)
without flash
with flash
My eyes are very darkkkkkkk but the blue managed to come out even without flash and it’s pretty although the design is pretty simple :3 I still wanna buy the pink one…. 
Well okay that’s it I just wanna show you how it looks like…………..

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