June 30, 2014

Car Service Station

The car that I’ve always been riding is at the service station. It’s haven’t been there for around one and a half year. So I just want everything to be checked out.
I made the appointment at 1pm. But I forgot to get everything out of the car last Saturday so I do it today. There’s seriously a looooooot of things, shoes, high heels, those daiso things, snacks, books, hose, papers, jackets, trash…….. I put a lot of things in the car because there’s not much space left in my apt -_-
There’s a new apt being built around here, so there’s a road that’s closed starting today which somewhat created a traffic jam because all the cars that wanna go that way have to make a u-turn. 
There’s also another traffic jam in some places which made me ever later -_- I was finally there at 1:30pm. I think I could make it at 1pm if the service station wasn’t at the other side of the road LOL. And the u-turn’s a bit far……. I’m just glad it didn’t have to be reschuled though LOL
However, the service couldn’t be finished today. The car steering wheels sometimes shook when I was driving it, and the reparation could take a whole day. So I’m gonna go back there tomorrow to get the car.
I went back home by bus. Actually I wanted to go to the japanese library first, but I couldn’t sleep well last night and keep waking up because of non-stop nightmares. I woke up really tired and there’s this headache that really hurts as well -_-

Fast Food Junk Food

I’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately that I’m even worried to my body. Fried chickens, pizza, burgers….. They contain a loooooot of oils and fat, right?? I wanna lose some weight…. yet I kept eating then -_- Meanwhile I’m just so bored with any other kind of food….. I’m bored of them too but at least the junk food are yummier than non junk food -_-
I had mcdonalds two days ago….. and a few days ago…. and also the other day….. I ate a lot of mcdonalds in the past two weeks since they launch their mcdelivery! I bought the two fried chicken + french fries + ice lemon tea most of the time.
I wanted to eat rice the other day so I buy it too -_- They’re also currently having shaker fries seasonings for the french fries and they’re oishii and I love them -_-
I love the brazillian salsa more because the roasted beef’s kinda sweet. There’s also a time I bought their new world cup themed burger or something, it’s the mcspicy peri peri deluxe burger.
Have I written about it? I don’t remember -_- it’s really spicy though I kinda had a hard time eating it -_-
I also had a burger for yesterday’s dinner. It’s chilli cheese burger from carl’s jr! I also had half of chilli cheese fries and a piece of chicken tender or something…. The drink’s even more full of fat!! It’s the vanilla hand scooped shake -_- it’s basically vanilla ice cream…. I think. So… yup! a whole glass of vanilla ice cream -_-
I wonder when will I lose my weight……. it just keeps increasing and increasing -_-

watch watch watch

The final episode of junior masterchef Indonesia aired yesterday. I used to watch it every week when it’s first started. Then I somehow missed a few episodes until this week. I’m just glad that I didn’t miss the final!
However, the winner wasn’t my fav! So I somehow got upset LOL. I really wished the boy would win because his expression which is always so calm reminds me to my dearest cousin! But he lose :( Well… I wish he’d still have a great future though although he didn’t win the contest this time.
I watch TV quite often lately. I mostly watch news, entertainment news, and talk show LOL. I usually watch series from USA instead of the soap opera on local channel. However since most of the shows got here later than the actual air date, so I didn’t watch them on TV. But when star world finally aired them, I’d just re-watch them. There’s not many tv shows that I watch this summer. As mellissa and joey has finished its 3rd season last week, I only watch Pretty Little Liars and Awkward as for now. I used to wait almost everyday to new episodes of each series that I was following to come out, but there’s not much left that’s airing on summer so I miss that kind of feeling.
Since I get bored easily if I don’t watch something, I’d just do anime marathon. I’m currently watching Special A!
It’s really really really funny and I hope it wouldn’t get weird ending like fruits basket -_-

June 29, 2014

my dog eats a banana

I just uploaded a video of my dog eating a banana on youtube…

Is it summer yet?

Finally the final examination is over!!! I hope I’d get good grades this semester (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭) I couldn’t really do the last one though, it’s artificial intelligence and most of my answers were just wild guesses LOL
It’s 3am and I’m a little sleepy. I don’t wanna sleep yet though. I’m just happy that finally no more exams~ Although I have to retake calculus classes this summer becuse I failed them on previous semesters (︶︹︺) It’s okay though, since I probably will have to go to the campus because of the student org stuff even though it’s holiday. 
I really wanna go somewhere this summer, like Bali or somewhere, on my birthday. A little vacation would be great for my mind. I’ve gone to SG twice though a few months ago. I don’t think my mo would pay me another trip…. yet I don’t have enough money to pay on my own. I wish I had a real job (︶︹︺)

June 28, 2014

the straps

Top: Bershka
Bra: La Senza

it’s 2am

There’s the avengers on hbo so I watched it. I love the avengers! and the movie! Especially when hulk was smashing loki at tony’s office. I always laughed whenever I watch that scene LOL
Since my mom just got a new bf, she’s not coming home tonight. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here at home -_- I have another final exam today in the afternoon which is the last one. Hooray! 
I’ve been reading a few blogs since I joined bloglovin. There’s a lot of nice blog out there! My blog is basically my dairy. Since I’ve always been too lazy to write it on a book, so I decided to create a blog instead. I’ve made a few blogs since I was in elementary school, which they’re all my diary. However they didn’t last as long as this one. I used to just stop writing after a month or a few months LOL
And now I’m watching entertainment news of my country on youtube. I think there’s seriously a lot unimportant news -_- I think there’s even one that just “made” the news to attract people’s attention and she’s not even pretty -_-

June 27, 2014

laze around

I’ve been playing hay day, cookie run, and line play since a few hours ago and it’s almost 3am -_- I even bought crystals because I wanna buy the fairy cookie -_-
Actually I was going to go to a japanese library yesterday along with my two other classmates. But it was canceled. I still wanted to go but I’m actually kinda feel to just laze around so I did just laze around LOL
I’ve finally written the posts about my circle lenses yesterday. I was just too lazy to write them since I’ve just been doing snapchat to show things off to my friends LOL
I think I’m gonna go back playing cookie run now………

June 26, 2014

Miss Eye: Fairy of Water (Violet and Blue)

Finally I’m writing about my fav circle lenses! It’s Miss Eye: Fairy of Water! I’ve bought two of it, violet and blue. I bought the violet first. Since I really love the design, so I bought another one in blue for the next month!
The design is really pretty isn’t it? Although the violet color is soooo soft -_- The blue shows up better. It’s a flower with only five petals on it. It’s 17.8mm, smaller than the hello kitty one. Although it’s smaller, I think the size looks somewhat the same like hello kitty because they’re both just big? LOL
with flash (violet & blue respectively)
without flash (violet & blue respectively)
Since my natural eyes color is very very very very dark, so the colors only showed up a little…. with flash. They look like just black without flash -_- But I love it though since they’re big and the design is cute~
The pupils didn’t look small like wearing the vaidurya so they gave “puppy eyes” effect to my eyes which is cute~ Do you know why do kids have cute face? Because their eyes are big! There’s a time when I showed a pic of me to my classmates and one of them say I look like a kid. It’s because I was wearing circle lenses which made my eyes look big! Why are dogs cute even when they do nothing or when they’re just simply being a jerk? the answer is the same…. because their eyes are big! LOL 
See the difference? (violet and blue respectively)
wearing the violet one (outdoor). Let’s say hello to T!
wearing the blue one
However, I sometimes felt uncomfortable wearing it, like there’s something on my eyes. I could wear contacts for hours, from morning till night or even midnight. I’ve always done this but others were just fine. The fairy of water also made my eyes dry after several hours using it. Then I’d blink fast like crazy just to make my eyes watery(?) LOL. But since I really like the design, although they didn’t really show on my eyes, I don’t mind using it XD
I think I’m gonna buy the gray one in the future…. I hope it won’t be scary like the gray of vaidurya -_-


I’ve been binge writing about my circle lenses -_- I still have two more that I wanna write about and they’re my fav, the fairy of water! But I’m getting sleepy and it’s almost 3am.
I had software engineering final exam yesterday. I think I did pretty good on it…? although I’m not sure whether I’ll get good scores or not. I studied until 4 or 5am last night and wake up at 8am to get ready to go to campus. Actually all I did was skimming a little and memorize IICMBPTP -_- but I got distracted a lot so it takes a looong time for me to study, every time. 
A wanted to look for the answers on his phone during the exam, but his phone stupidly play a music and the invigilator came to him. I just laughed from my seat seeing them LOL. He’s really hopeless, he really should study instead of working -_- I think he should work when his grades are good…. or at least average -_-

Hello Kitty Circle Lenses (Pink)

I love Hello Kitty. And there’s Hello Kitty circle lenses! There’s no way I wouldn’t buy it LOL. I wasn’t sure to buy it or not at the first time, when I was looking for my first ever circle lenses. It’s because the color stated by the seller is as semi natural. However, knowing that the color may or may not really come out after wearing my first ever circle lenses Eva Eye by Miss Eyeso I just bought it anyway. I used to wear colored contacts when I was still in high school from acuvue and freshkon, and the color came out just fine, whatever the color was.
I bought the pink one, although I actually like the blue one better (the complete opposite withbarbie eye LOL). It’s bigger than my first circle lenses. It’s 18,5mm! 
The pink looks kinda purple-ish. Even my colleague asked whether I was wearing purple contacts -_- 
It had 48% water content. I never really cared about the water content of my lenses though…. as long as my eyes are comfortable wearing it. It was comfortable to wear them, and I kinda forget to order a new one because it’s still okay although I’ve worn it for more than a month. But I started feel wearing it and get uncomfortable when it’s almost two months. It shouldn’t be worn for more than a month, but I sometimes wear the barbie eye during that time… so… well… yeah….
without flash
oops I just realized it’s blurry -_- but the color didn’t show up though… I also only saw them as black most of the time. I’m still amazed of my colleague’s eyes that saw it as purple -_-
with flash
It even still didn’t really show up by using flash…. I kept telling my friends that I wore hello kitty circle lenses to them and they have to stare at my eyes for quite some time until they see the hello kitty -_-
The design’s actually cute… since it’s hello kitty LOL. It’d be nice if the color would show like vaidurya or barbie eye although the users’ eyes are naturally dark so the hello kitty could be seen as well. Probably it’d look good on someone’s whom has light colored eyes?
These were me during the time I wore hello kitty circle lenses. They really made my eyes big and cute although the pink and hello kitty couldn’t be seen…

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue

Now it’s about Barbie Eye Super Nudy Blue! I bought this last February, along with hello kitty circle lenses. My mistake was to open them at the same time….. by the time I finished wearing the hello kitty one (around a month), I couldn’t wear this as well because it’d also been a month old -_- I’ve only worn a few times….. Actually I wanted to buy the pink one, because the pink of this line isn’t so bright (I think). But I ended up buying the blue one instead because I bought the hello kitty in pink one LOL
I’ve wanted to write about it since the day I got it. I thought I’d taken pics for blogging purpose but I didn’t -_- Since I still have it, so I wore it for pics. Lesson learned: never ever wear a few months old circle lenses! It was really uncomfortable! I didn’t throw it away because I wanna collect my circle lenses. 
However, I didn’t find any problem when I wear it while it’s still brand new from the bottles. I did soak it with contact lenses solution first for a night though. I think it’s the smallest circle lenses I’ve ever had. It’s “only” 16mm. Although it’s still considered as big, I didn’t see my eyes that big because I was already used to wearing 17-18mm lenses. I think I wore it several hours and my eyes were still okay, compared to water of fairy which is quite drying for me.
without the lenses (sorry for dark pic XD)
without flash
with flash
My eyes are very darkkkkkkk but the blue managed to come out even without flash and it’s pretty although the design is pretty simple :3 I still wanna buy the pink one…. 
Well okay that’s it I just wanna show you how it looks like…………..

June 25, 2014

Miss Eye: Vaidurya Gray

I’ve worn circle lenses for a few months. I always buy a new one every month, because they can only be worn for a month. Actually it can be worn more than a month, if you don’t care about your eyes’ health and such. I used to wear them for almost two months once because I was too lazy to order a new pair ( ੭⌯᷄௰⌯᷅ ू’l|) However, I’ve been too lazy to write about them(#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ I even haven’t thrown the old ones yet because they’re just cute LOL
So I ordered a new one last week and it’s arrived yesterday. So I started wearing it today. It’s Miss Eye Vaidurya in Gray! It’s my third circle lenses of Miss Eye! I looked for review on the net but there’s no gray ones. Actually the brown and blue ones are pretty nice too…. so are the purple and green ones….. but I decided to buy the gray one LOL
See…. how pretty they are~ It has 17.8mm diameter and it has four tones on the lens….. and here’s mine!
I was shock at first because of the pattern….. it looks more “fierce” than the picture (´⊙ω⊙`)!and I only saw bright gray on them. But they actually have a hint of purple-ish dark gray on it.
Left: front side | Right: back side
One of the benefits wearing circle lenses is it’s really easy to know which side is the front and the back LOL. Here’s how they look on my eyes.
Without flash
With flash
Although they're comfortable to wear, they look scary!!!! especially with flash ( ꒪Д꒪)ノI thought the color wouldn’t be this visible, because my eye color is very dark dark dark dark brown. They look like crackle nail polish -_- my friend said it looked more white instead of gray…. although it’s definitely not white compared to the white on my eye balls.
It’s large but I don’t find it cute like my other circle lenses. Perhaps because of the color and the pattern…. and because the color really showed up, the pupils only look that big.
I don’t think I’ll purchase vaidurya gray ever again -_- I’d still like to buy the blue or violet one though…..
without flash

I don't recommend wearing this if you're gonna cry though. Somehow it became blurry after you stopped crying, like the tears make the lenses dirty. Although this never happened to any other circle lenses that I've worn before. So there's a time when I cried all my way to uni and then I can't see anything written on the whiteboard -_- I still could see, but it's like I'm not wearing the lenses (I'm nearsighted).


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Pizza Hut Delivery: Froreo, Pepperoni Cheese Fusilli, Tuna Melt Cheese Bites Pizza

I haven’t studied at all for the software engineering exam ._. I’m hungry and there’s still pizza left over from dinner…. but I don’t wanna eat this late. It’s almost 1am. I ordered from pizza hut for two days in a row ._. I had tuna melt pizza for yesterday’s dinner and pepperoni cheese fusilli the day before…. I also ordered froreo aka deep fried oreo…… It’s my first ever deep fried oreo, and it’s so damn yummy! What a guilty pleasure…….
I’ve eaten pepperoni cheese fusilli and tuna melt pizza a few times before… and they’re still delicious as ever LOL
I chose the cheesy bites pizza though which is my fav~ But it made the part that have toppings on to be smaller……. and it’s thinner than regular pizza so it’s kinda hard to eat because the topping was too heavy for that thin pizza -_-
and the box was x-men days of future past! which is not a really new movie at all…..
Damn now I’m getting even hungrier -______-

June 24, 2014

Midnight Sale

Only two exams left~ I had database system exam last Monday. I just skimmed all the materials though because there’s seriously A LOT of them! I ended up only know the answers of two questions out of 7 or 8 questions….. I even fell asleep while I was studying at midnight. I went to a midnight sale first at the mall beside my apt the night before LOL.
I haven’t bought clothes for quite some time. I was also looking for new skirts. I also bought new bras and they’re really cute LOL. I also bought a new bag.
I love the shocking pink bag~ I bought it in Pull & Bear. And the bras also have the same color like the bag LOL. They’re from La Senza. I really love the straps!! It has that triangle bling bling on it LOL. And I just love the black crossing ribbon on the other one~ Actually it’s not my size though… And I just know that I’ve worn the wrong size ever since -_- I’m supposed to wear bigger cup…. so that’s why sometimes my breasts annoyingly hurt -_- And the right size for me for these bras were sold out, so I just bought it anyway…
See it’s really cute~
And these are the top and skirt I bought from Bershka. 
Bershka just came to my country for a few years….. I first saw it in SG when I was still a high school student.
And this top is from Bershka as well~ I think this is my first usa flag thingy? It says Rock It N.Y.C. Tour. I bought it because of the “rock it” and “nyc”… well you know what nyc stands for…. nakayama yamada chinen!!! WWWWWW
Another skirt and pretty blue top that matches a little with my hair LOL, still from Bershka….
The pic is so dark o.O yet the shocking pink is so bright LOL. The top is from Pull & Bear. 
Actually these skirts are the longest I’ve had…. The rest of skirts that I have are shorter and mini-er LOL. The white skirt my mom bought for me a few years ago is so short I haven’t really worn it to public yet -_- I did wear it for the play last year though but it’s because I wear black hose for the whole time of the play.
And I really love the black top! It’s summer but I don’t really go outside so I don’t care even if it’s long sleeves. And it’s also pretty thin and see-through so it’s not hot to wear it. And it has this zipper at the back!
and the other tops also have unique backside as well~
I think I’m gonna go to Bershka again tomorrow after software engineering exam…. There’s a leopard print tank top that I saw when I was going out of the store and I really like it. I hope it’s still available in my size when I go there tomorrow ._.