May 21, 2014


I downloaded an app called whisper yesterday. Here is their description:
"Whisper is an anonymous social network that allows people to express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals, and discover the unseen world around us. With Whisper, you can anonymously share your thoughts and emotions with the world, and form lasting and meaningful relationships in a community built around trust and honesty. If you have ever had something too intimate to share on traditional social networks, simply share it on Whisper!"
and I’ve uninstalled it already.
Apparently, the people there are not so like-minded and I feel like I can’t express myself without getting bashed -_- So rather than being mad to see others’ replies, i just uninstalled it. I thought it’d be a really great place for me to express my feelings apart on tumblr.
What a waste of time…………

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