May 2, 2014

what happened last night

I’m on my 2nd year/4th semester in uni and my major is com sci, and the streaming will start next semester. I chose computer networking. However, there’s a requirement for computer networking. I have to get B for my computer networking class this semester, else I’ll have to take interactive multimedia which is my second choice.
I had the mid exam of computer networks today. I actually planned to study since Tuesday but I’m just too lazy and I was doing Awkward marathon. So I finally decided to study at 5 or 6pm yesterday. But I kept procrastinating…..until 8pm I decided to start studying. However, I wanted to follow some akb48 members in instagram first, after looking at their accounts a few times. So I opened an ex-member of jkt48 first to go to the akb48 members’ accs. However I accidentally opened a random person’s account on her following list. That person happened to be a fashion blogger. However I was kinda shock to see her pic with a boy whom is her bf and has pretty much visual kei style. So I opened his account and pretty am confused because he really looks like a visual kei band member and there’re pics of him holding a guitar. So I researched/stalked about him and find out he’s a butler from a butler cafe in singapore. The butler cafe only opened at AFA though. Then I ended up researching about the cafe in blogs, fb fanpage, and ig pics. I ended up looking at most of their IG accounts. Then I also looked the maid cafe, and there’s a maid who had a really beautiful blonde! So I researched about her and it turns out she’s a singaporean beauty blogger. I’m really in love with her platinum blonde hair, even though her hair is no longer platinum blonde. I ended up some of her blog posts until midnight, around 2am. Seeing her blonde make me wanna bleach my hair again to get beautiful platinum blonde like hers LOL. However I just can’t imagine getting bleached  3-4 times every time I re-touch my roots (✖╭╮✖) 
Then I finally managed myself to stop reading everything on my web browser. But the I got my phone and start looking at her ig -_______- So in the end I didn’t study until 3am. 
I finally started studying at 3am. However, I kept falling asleep. Luckily I’ve set my alarm every hour just to make sure I’d wake up if I fell asleep…. There’s really a loooooot of things to be remembered. I didn’t really remember them in the end. I did remember some, but there’s seriously a lot and I end up knowing this and that but I’m not sure which’s this and that for -_-
So I finally gave up around 9am. I slept for about an hour and get up at 10am to start studying again.
I went to campus at around 12:30pm. The examination started at 1:30pm. I really didn’t predict the questions would be like that o.O I thought there’s no multiple choice, but there was and I’m only sure 3/20 of my answers were correct -_- And I couldn’t really do essays either damnnnnn! I studied hard for the essay part and in the end I forget them because I didn’t really review them anymore once I can solve the problems -_- And my head just couldn’t stop thinking about other topic that I thought would come out and they didn’t -_-


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  3. do you still remember her blog?? her instagram?? or just that ex-member of jkt48 name?? i reaalllyy am need it!! it is so important ^^