May 28, 2014


I have this project which is somewhat due today….. We have to make a web/application and then we’ll have showcase event which is today. So it’s somewhat due today but it’s still not clear whether it should be the prototype or the final product of the thing.
My group decided to make this website about color addition. I made the html and such and it’s done. But my teammate whom made the flash for the app……. well the swf files don’t load properly after I put it on my html. One is looping forever of the pictures on it, and the other one doesn’t show what it has to show when clicked -_-
What makes me upset is, I already told her to read the storyboard that I’ve made since ages ago yet she didn’t. I explained everything on the storyboard as detail as possible with visuals, since it has to be submitted to the lecturer. We also already talked about it hundreds times. Then she wouldn’t start doing it because she’s still confused or lazy who knows. She finally made it two days ago, when we finally get the time to do it together. And now it’s still a fuckin mess -_- 

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