May 6, 2014

SugarPot: Matcha Sugar Kit

I ordered a wax kit and masks online last week. The wax kit arrived last saturday… which took longer time than usual since it’s sent last wednesday/thursday but it’s actually normal. However the masks came really really incredibly fast! It’s sent on saturday and it’s already arrived last sunday LOL.
It’s my first time buying a wax. I usually got mine done in a wax salon. But the price’s increasing as time flies so I decided to buy my own kit. I bought it from sugarpot.
Here’s the wax kit….
It’s a matcha sugar kit! And it really smelled like matcha! I’m just glad it actually smells matcha LOL. And it’s really cheap! only IDR 80k/kit which is less than USD8! 
See! It’s green LOL.
I used it to wax my underarm aka armpit hair yesterday. I washed my underarms first with warm water. Then I dried them with my towel and put some baby powder onto them. I don’t know why but they always did it in wax salon LOL. Then I applied the sugar wax lightly on my skin using the spatula, put a strip onto it and press it lightly, then pull it away fast! and voila~~~ my amrpits are now hairless LOL. Did it hurt? Well I'm already used to it so........ nope....for me~
The kit said it could give smooth result up to 4-6 weeks. I usually wax mine every 2-4 weeks. I think it really depends on every person. My hair growth has always been faster than most people. Even though it’s nice to have fast hair growth (especially when I cut my hair too short -_-), but now I have to bleach it every now and then to keep my hair blonde it’s so fuckin painful -_-
The adhesion is really amazing….as it’s supposed to have LOL. It’s much stronger than wax strips I used to have. Although there’s a time when I spread it pretty thick so the wax wouldn’t get off my skin LOL. Then I realized I should spread it lightly. There’s an instruction come with the set, but I didn’t really read them, I skimmed it though LOL. 
The strips can be easily washed by water and re-used. I washed it and the wax come off pretty easy. I dried it somewhere in my home and now it’s gone so I think I’ll just use a new strip instead later LOL.

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