May 3, 2014

new page

This is happening again…. I wanna start study for my last mid exam since hours ago…because the materials are way too many -_- but I ended up here…on tumblr -_-
I just made a new page on my tumblr. The page consists of me….camwhoring LOL. I tagged all of the pictures of me I’ve posted on tumblr which was pretty confusing because there’s a lot of other posts too and a lot of nakajima kento LOL. My chrome even went error that I have to hard restart my laptop -_- but finally it’s finished!
I’ve decided that I’ll take a lot of pictures starting this month so I could practice my selfie skill(?). Idk I just wanna look good on camera…. since I’m pretty expressionless… or “porker face” as kento wrote in shokura years ago LOL. 

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