May 10, 2014

my cousin’s wedding

I went to my cousin’s wedding. I was pretty close to him when I was a little for quite some time. He used to live in my old house.
I was there with my father and my half-brother, although we all go by our own vehicles LOL. I only ate the pasta they served, and chocolate puddings. Then I talked to my cousin’s mom who is my father’s older sister for a while. I took pictures with the groom and the bride but I don’t have the pictures… I took this pic instead before taking picture with them LOL
I took a pic with my aunt though~
I wore my pink dress. I could say I was pretty stand out over there, obviously because of my hair LOL. I wore my hot pink and gold glittered high heels, and bring my lovely another hot pink & gold purse LOL. I also braided a part of my hair~ but the band fell off somehow and I just realize it after I got home -_- A lot of people looked at me LOL. Well, I was pretty tall because of my high heels…. My height is 165cm and the heels were around 10-12cm LOL. So I obviously stand out around others as asian girls aren’t usually that tall~ (well thanks to my high heels though LOL). Sadly I haven’t grown another cm since I entered high school (WTF). Well I’m a Leo after all~
my eye bags were so dark ridiculous that I have to edit them else I’d look like I was just crying/got punched ;____; my fault though I didn’t use concealer -_-
see…………………………….. ;______;
and my dress and winged hoodie~ I wore the hoodie when I was driving…….

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