May 17, 2014

Monopod a.k.a. Tongsis (Tongkat Narsis)

I bought a monopod!!! It’s more known as tongsis (tongkat narsis) in Indonesia. Tongkat=stick, narsis=narcissistic LOL. It’s a really useful stuff for taking group selfies, even though I’d most probably just use it to take selfies of myself LOL!!!! 
I read a few articles about this. They said it’s made because when people take photos during vacation or something, there’s always one person who can’t be at the photos whom is the photographer. By using a monopod, all of people can get captured~
It’s pink of course!! LOL. I bought it at JakNot. This is not a sponsored post or whatsoever, I just simply love the store because it gives a lot of discount LOL.
I’ve wanted to buy a monopod for quite some time and my mom did too. We wanted the bluetooth one, but it’s more than twice the price of the basic one. The bluetooth one costs around IDR 300K-350K (USD 26-35) although in jaknot is only IDR 279k (USD 25) thanks to the discount LOL. I bought the cheapest monopod and the phone holder (around USD 1/IDR 13k) which the total cost less than IDR 80k/USD 7 (after discounted). 
I tested it out immediately LOL. See there’s still a lot of space left! I can’t wait till I meet my friends or something so we can take group pics together without only taking selfies of our faces/heads LOL.
my eye bags are always superb( ̄へ ̄)
I used like this…
and my dog got confused LOL
Sadly, I can’t take portrait pictures with the monopod because my phone’s too heavy (even though it’s only 130g + a few more grams for the case). It would keep rotating like this ( ̄ω ̄) 
I used my iPhone because I take this picture with my S4.
In conclusion, I can’t wait to use this with my friends. So please please please don’t be such busy bitches and let’s meet up!!

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