May 17, 2014

Maybelline Master Liner: Black

I bought two new eyeliners a few days ago. I’ve made post about the pink one, so I’m gonna write about the other one now! I just regained my interest to write about stuffs rather than just my daily journal recently LOL.
It’s maybelline. It’s master liner. It’s cream pencil eye liner. I bought the black one. I bought this one by mistake -_-
I used to have the brown one of this master liner series but now it’s gone, I don’t remember where I put it -_- I could say I’m not a fan of this type of eye liner though. It’s the spinning/rotating type. I don’t know whether is it just me or this type of eye liner breaks easily………
Since the hyper sharp liner that I’ve always used for my everyday make up has been out of stock for quite some time, so I just bought the master liner anyway. 
see… my eyes are stupidly different with each other -_-
I couldn’t get to make the black line at once. So I was like drawing on my eyelid to make the color visible -_- I applied it onto my right eyelid first, then onto the left one. Then the tip wasn’t sharp anymore so I couldn’t really make the wing nicely.
I used to have this kind of eye liner from the face shop. It broke pretty easily too -_- But the face shop’s one had sharpener at the end of it so I could sharpen the pencil easily. 
I don’t think I’m gonna purchase this one, or this kind of eye liner again in the future. I hope this one that I just bought would last long until it breaks and be stupidly dull and flat, flat! -_- I wouldn’t even buy this if the staff didn’t give me the wrong one… and I stupidly didn’t recheck it at the cashier -_- 

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