May 9, 2014

may 9th

Yayyy today is yama-chan’s birthday!!! Happy birthday!! He’s my ichiban in hey say jump. And he’s now my niiban in JE. His place has been taken down by nakajima kento LOL.
To celebrate his birthday, I’m gonna listen to his song today~ I haven’t listened to his song for quite some time. I’ve just been repeating missing piece and mizu no kaeru basho by nakayama yuma during my rides to school……………………..
I’m getting sleepy…. but I don’t wanna sleep yet. I wanna write a review about the mask that I’ve been using lately, but I haven’t taken pictures of it yet -_- and I think I won’t write in english as it’s only sold here, yet it’s still very hard to find them!! Luckily there are some people who sell it online~

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