May 24, 2014


I bought a 7 hours karaoke voucher on livingsocial for almost USD10 a few weeks ago. It’s so cheap, isn’t it? Although it’s only valid at 11am-6am.
I went there with with two of my classmates and a friend of her. But one of them woke up late so we arrived at the karaoke place at 12pm. So we only got 6 hours of karaoke…. which is still plenty of time.
Since there were four of us and there’s only two microphones available, so only two of us sing for each song. We sang a looooot of songs; Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, to Western! I personally think my singing skill isn’t so bad, yet not that good. One of my friend was pretty bad at singing, and the warm up takes almost 5 hours for her LOL. She finally sounded better during the last hour. 
We finally finished at 6pm. It’s raining and there’s already a little flood in front of the karaoke place! Luckily my car still could go through it LOL. Then we went to gancy to have dinner.
We had dinner at marugame udon. I’m still not a fan udon though. I was kinda craving for mentai, so I order mentai kamatama udon and I put a loooooooot of tempura on it LOL.
And I also got tamago tempura which is delicious as always. The egg’s still half cooked~! yum!
Then I bought an ice cream bread that I’ve craved for a loooooong time. 
It’s Little Tea Leaves by The Freezy Fabulous! I love matcha ice cream, but I love their bread even more! It’s so soft and delicious!! I’ve never fallen in love to a bread like this one before LOL
I got home pretty late. I wanted to submit the mmk application that night but I fall asleep -_-

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