May 5, 2014

I hate flu

Finally the mid examination is over!! The last exam was about character building. I was just so glad that I could answer the study case easily and correctly LOL. I hope I’ll get a good score for this exam~
However, I’m fucking sick with the flu again -_- My rose was runny when I was doing the exam and it’s so annoying! I could hardly study because my headache was so painful last night, that I end up sleeping for most of the time. I just read the materials without really remembering them all. And I went directly to home after the exam, and sleep sleep sleep sleep. I woke up once to have lunch, then I go back to sleep. Then I woke up again to have dinner. I didn’t wanna sleep anymore so I watched TV and tumblr-ing. I also watched an episode of shokura on my laptop. Then my internet connection went down and I just rest and lay on the sofa. But that makes me feel more sick so I’m here now on tumblr -_-

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