May 6, 2014

Haribo Gold Bears

I read reviews of Haribo on amazon or ebay quite some time ago. And they said it’s as effective as laxative. Even there’s somesaid said they stayed at their bahroom for hours LOL. Then I watched “Awkward” tv show and there’s also a dialogue saying something something it’s basically laxative bear/gummy laxative/jelly laxative or something I don’t really remember but I do remember she said it’s laxative LOL.
Then I got curious. Since my digestion system doesn’t always work well, so I bought it. I ate it, wishing it’s really somewhat a laxative, yummy laxative so my tummy won’t be that huge LOL.
I ate like a quarter of it. It’s pretty good, even though I still prefer Yupi. Yupi is also a brand selling gummy candies, but I’ve never had a problem eating it since I was a kid (or perhaps I didn’t realize it, but I don’t think so). Haribo’s gummy bears are thicker than yupi’s. 
Then I indeed “went to the bathroom” a few hours after I eat it LOL. So it’s indeed a very useful gummy candy if I’m having constipation LOL.

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