May 19, 2014


Happy 7th birthday fido!!! My precious little old boy, you’re more than a dog to me!! I love youuuu so muchhh (๑・ω-)~♥”
You are so awesome, my dog, my dawg, my best friend, my brother, my son, my old man, my love! Even though I’ve been pissing you off and you piss me off a lot, tease you too much and you sit on my head everyday until my hair hurt, always step on me and sometimes I accidentally step on you, even though you can’t eat your own birthday cake and I still bought that one, I know you know how much I love you and you mean to me.
You are now 7 years old which is around 49yo of human LOL
Let’s keep being stupid, lazy, have fun, eat junk food together! I’m so grateful to have you even though sometimes you’re being a jerk and so am I to you LOL

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