May 31, 2014

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #6 English Garden

I’ve never been a big fan of lip products. All I had were 2 maybelline baby lips, 1 maybelline tinted baby lips, 1 the body shop lip balm, 3 types of maybelline lipsticks. LOL that’s quite a lot. But I saw this etude product, and probably the first ever etude product that stole enough of my heart that I decide to buy it. I finally bought it online (along with two other products -_-), because it’s cheaper than buying it at their retail store. And now I’m gonna show it off~ LOL
Since I could’t find it on the korean web as there’s too many things there so I just copy it from their japanese web LOL. I only wanna show the color range but it’s connected to two other pics -_- I like the #5 and #6, but I only bought #6: English Garden. I think I’m gonna buy #5 in the future though~
The packaging is really interesting because it’s a tube and there’re roses on the box!! Sexy rose~

 and the tip to apply it is different than others… it reminds me to a glue that I used during elementary school LOL

Here’s how it looks on my lips…on the right part. The left one’s still my bare lips. Well not really bare though, I applied my lip balm like 5 or 10 or 15 min before I use the lip tint.

and with flash……… and now I just realized that I didn’t apply my foundation evenly -_-

I don’t remember how many layers I applied. I just put dots on my lips then apply it evenly…… and here’s on my whole lips although it’s really messy LOL

and with flash….. dear skin y u so gross ._.

I read a looooot of reviews of this product before I purchase it. They said it makes their skin dry. Well I noticed that it did dry my lips, but my lips are usually dry unless I put some lip balm on. So I’m already used to it. And the tube was a little bit hard to press when I use it for the first time. I’m already used to it now though. I think there’d be some of the product left on the tube that wouldn’t get out when there’s only a little left, like tooth paste. It’s quite sucks -_- But I still wanna but the #5 though LOL

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